Nipple suckers

Has anyone tried these? I have pumps but want something hands free so I can get on down there whilst my nipples are taken care of (obviously when I go solo! B/f very accomodating otherwise!)

I do! I have these ones-
which I could've sworn I reviewed but I must've drempt it!

I think they're great, if you use them right. Takes a lot of fiddling, and used solo they can actually end up being really fiddly, but they're fun. And feel great on your clit too.

Just found these ones-
I want some. The vibration would have a much better sensation I'd bet.

New boy loves having his nipples played with... not sure I could use these without totally emascualting him though, bless his little vanilla heart.

Perhaps if I get them "for me" and then just jump him sometime...

I'm thinking about getting a pair -

i'm thinking either


I quite fancy them as well - let me know what you think if you try them!

will do - can't wait till pay day so i can place an order

i got the nipple suckers - i did a review - they were ace - can in handy for other things aswel! really want the nipple pump kit now - boughtthe suckers first to see if i liked them and my plan was to get the pump next!!!

I've only tried nipple clamps and they were too painful for me, which suckers would you recommend especially for solo use!

These Pink Nipple Suckers are the best-selling ones that we sell - some good reviews give you a flavour of the fun to be head.

£7.99 with free delivery - your nips'll thank you for it I'm sure!

I'll check them out, cheers Richard, nice price too!

yeah, cheap and cheerful - definately worth a try

Maybe I could get my hubby to buy them for me!

Richard you bad influence - I have added them to my wishlist. Love nipple play!

On my wishlist now too :)

On my wishlist, will get them soon

I highly recommend them. Although mine came from elsewhere and were purple :( But reading some reviews I think I may be the only girl who wanted pink ones! lol

On my wish list

I think Id want pink ones too if I had a choice

I've got a set of the first ones Viva mentioned ( as part of a big order I did on Monday. I'll start a thread in a forum to run through the 5 I got (the above, plus: and - yes, it's basically a Kink Kit!) after I get a chance to give them a good "road test", which hopefully will be tonight...

The most interesting thing about that set is you get a pair of pumps, which having looked at I can't help but call "his and hers"...

Right, "kink box" review's up -

I think they're the 3rd on the list. Maybe second. Ah heck, just read...