nJoy Pure Wand - unexpected P-spot response!

The nJoy Pure Wand fooled me. It was a slightly mad buy: expensive and it did nothing for me. I bought it as I was getting a bit fed up with my lack of Aneros success, which felt quite close, but no cigar yet.

So last Friday, having another go with the Wand, it did nothing again. So I decided to just stop, but left it where it was for a bit. It had been a long week, so I almost nodded off.

Then... what the actual f...?! Backside is going bonkers, its Bonfire night and July 4th all at once. Everything an Aneros should do this whopping chunk of shiny steel is doing. My behind is going nuts, clamping and surging and jingling, with a beautifully made thing that looks like a stabiliser from a Chinese built comms satellite. Suffice to say it was the most fun I've had with steel. It made me yell out loud like a lunatic, with no mental control. I say, madam!

So now I won't give up on the Aneros, as it seems I CAN do the P-spot thing, sometimes.

And I shouldn't have doubted the glorious chunk o'steel that the nJoy Pure Wand is.

Even if I still can't walk very well at the moment and next door looks at me funny.

OK, bit long (sorry) but I wanted to say it out loud, yet its not the sort of thing you can talk about at dinner or on Skype to your mates ("Do much on Friday?"... "Had a partial Super-O with 2 ton of steel that nearly broke my arse"... best not go there on Skype)

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself sometimes all it takes is to let yourself relax. But it's really hard to do when your chasing an orgasm.

This is a great post, so hsppy for you, you shout it from the roof tops of the forums, we don't mind!!

felt similar when I had my first G-spot orgasm, I'd often thought it was a myth, but it blew my mind.

Keep having fun ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)