OMG - do not try this yourself :-(

Extremely horrific and just a little bit hilarious... all the way fuckin stupid.

'Saber Saw Used as Pleasure Toy'

Seriously, LoveHoney is the place to go to spice up your sex life... not Screwfix (though the name does suggest otherwise).

I honestly can't believe the stupidity of some people, really can't.

Well thats silly... but amusing

lol @ that vid!! and he is well fit! i wud defo show him how unloose my pussy is!! :p

i agree with miss nat, silly but amusing

Idiots! (the sex toy couple that is!)

SG69 x

Boldly going eh !!!!


That video is hilarious!

But the couple he is referring to just don't have common sense.

Theres a link at the side going to an online news site in America. =)

no way thats mental!

oh dear god what n00bs! surely you'd remove any blad attachments forst and then construct something safer using the dildo? like a bif of dowling or something would have probably done it??

things like this always remind me of the "do not attempt to stop chainsaw with genitals" thing!

seriously, some people...

wow i wrote that so fast look at all my typo's!

wow i wrote that so fast look at all my typo's!

oh great and now i get a double post.....i give up lol

I think its called Nateral Selection

Kinkyfish wrote:

I think its called Nateral Selection

lol.........yeah natural selection for idiots

Kinkyfish wrote:

I think its called Nateral Selection

I can guess the story from the comments :-O but it's quite popular, albeit done in a safer manner with custom made attachments, is the main place for it.

Probably showing my age and/or moral corruption that I can remember when sex machines were a crazy niche thing on Eurotrash or in Bizarre magazine and now they seem to churn out loads of videos and crop up in other fetish videos too.

Not my cup of tea TBH, being an engineer I can just see too many ways it can go wrong, the same with electro-play - I've been electrocuted enough times and it never made me horny yet.

LoveHoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

There is a company here in the UK that make toys using power tools - a reciprocating saw with a dildo mounted onto it being one of them.

HOWEVER......The blade inside is completely blunt and the dildo is WELL AND TRULY MOUNTED ON THERE.

I had the pleasure of running around with one at Erotica 2005, hilarious fun ^_^. I'll try and find some photos :D

I think these may be your best photos yet Hella!

Now that wasn't the smartest creation ever made. You'd think they could have just bought one of the pneumatic dildo machines out there instead of an electric saw, I mean they'd both cost about the same surely.

Must have been bloody awkward trying to explain to the doctors when they arrived what happened and why there was an electric saw on on the ground in a pool of blood next to a sawed through dildo.