Onlyfans/Fansly Journey

We’re not all like that.

A few give a bad name x
I make it clear it’s virtual fun only, and I do not meet.

As for buffering I’d check your upload speed.
As your upload needs to be more than 10, if it’s under, it will continuously buffer.

Hope that helps

I doubt if you’ll stream anything with 1Mb. I think Netflix needs a minimum of 4Mb and if the ladies (and men) have uploaded in HD, you stand no chance.
Time to look for another supplier methinks. With TalkTalk it will be coming down a phone line, but if you have no other option, it is frustrating.
We are on fibre here and have much greater speed than that.

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@thesaunderschild - I guess some of them can be like that, yes. I had one creator say I should know my place, even though I subscribed to her and liked her stuff :confused:

Might come from needing a thicker skin as some people talk to you like dirt so they end up putting up a prickly defence? Unless it’s some sort of niche I’m missing… :thinking:

Are you messaging ones who offer a mert up sefcice?
Can see why theyd be “rude” if youre messaging asking for meets when its a service they dont offer.

Reason i say this is, i have a friend who is on their 4th account because people ask this when they dont offer and they get their account removed

I had this!

Guys hounding for meets, when I said I don’t meet, got arsy with me, and my site ban you for evening answering the question, as you’re talking about a service you don’t provide.

My site needs at least 10mg to upload cam 2 cam or it just buffers non stop.

Its such a shame when people are disrespectful. It costs no one to be civil with folk and respect their views/feelings @Mint-Monster . I also think Fansly is much better than OnlyFans due to better navigation/search facility.

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@Justthetwoofus2007 - So even if you say “No, I don’t do that” or “That’s against the rules”, they’ll turn around and ban you for not breaking them? That’s harsh! :dizzy_face:


Yep! As I’m getting involved in discussing things I don’t offer.
I’ve been banned about 48 times now, they block your account and they with hold the credits from that call. Currently looking for a better platform to cam on :woman_facepalming:t2:


Could you simply ignore these discussions?

Once mentioned by customer, cut off all chats?

Update: Ok, so Onlyfans is basically a waste of time and I don’t like its set up. I want to delete it but I’m under the payout threshold so I’m stuck with it until there’s a bit more money in it :joy: I changed it to paid only and it’s been ghosted since.

Fansly is doing better and I’ve probably made over £200 since I started with not much promotion. I’ve basically had the same 3 subscribers from early on, but one of them tips a considerable amount and that’s where most of it has come from. Fansly is much easier to use and I have more control there. I have 62 followers and the same 3 subscribers - the most I’ve had is 5. I think most of the followers are other creators, too.

Realistically, I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to post content. While it can be fun, I’m finding I have less time to work on stuff - beit taking photos/videos or editing them let alone promote. We share a PC and I’m not getting the free time on it as I once did.

One of the reasons I started was that I felt undervalued in my job and wanted to get a little extra on the side. However, I’ve recently got a considerable pay rise so it’s dented my motivation a bit. Other creators seem to be so business savvy and I’m just not. Understandably this could be their main source of income were mine isn’t.

Before this, I didn’t have a lot of hobbies and I guess you could say I had a pretty boring day-to-day life. But when I started spending more time on content than that, I started to miss my boring little life, haha.

While I still have plenty of backlog content, I highly doubt I can keep going forever (much like anything really). Just a little update dump for ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m pleased things are going ok for you and really hope you keep things going. I am glad your main occupation has improved and you feel better doing that. What sort of occupation do you do? I realise you cannot be too specific as you need to remain anonymous.


@steve19 thank you. I work in an office (although it can feel more like a circus at times :sweat_smile:)

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Thought you’d be a millionaire by now lol , I’m sure you could make more money from , camming than only fans , is that not the same thing as only fans , anyway good luck :+1:

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You’re right :slightly_smiling_face: its not allowed :upside_down_face:
Your comment will be deleted by Brenna or a mod, if you don’t edit it yourself.

Neither are allowed

@Pussygalore3 - Haha, far from it. No interest in camming. Plus, I can’t talk “dirty” to save my life :sweat_smile:

I was involved with Banking/Finance for many years until I became ill. Fansly appears to be working for you and must be less work than camming would be. I think try to make things simple (take a weeks photos in 1 section ready to upload daily, possible even time uploads once a week to do it daily for you if possible). Good luck


@steve19 - I’m sorry to hear that :frowning_face:

Yes, I reckon camming is much more work since you’d have to sit and do it for a few hours at a time and interact more often.

Thanks. Yes, currently I’m trying to work at least a week in advance but maybe I need to do 2-3 weeks in advance so I don’t feel like I’m running on a tighter deadline :sweat_smile: I should also not underestimate videos since I’d rather edit those than photos.

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Hi @Mint-Monster glad things have started to go in the right direction for you I worked in annoffice for many yeard can be a bitch and very often mundane work good luck in what ever you decide to do

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