Oral give and take

I love giving oral. On a few occasions I have been so into it, that I’ll actually cum while giving her oral. It doesn’t spoil it, unless she squeamish about cum on her feet. Even though I’ll make sure she climaxes while giving her oral, it’s still foreplay to me. I enjoy writing messages on her clit with my tongue and see if she can understand what I’m saying.

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Never had that happen, but hey you never know.

It usually depends on how much time you spend pleasuring her. The ratio shouldn’t be 50:50 but 90:10 since ladies take so much longer to excite than men. You should be spending a minimum of 30 minutes licking her to ecstasy, so by that time she will do anything for you. Watch a few Lesbian porn videos and see how much they enjoy themselves for an hour or more.
As a treat, let her sit on the sofa and watch her favourite DVD, with a bottle of wine plus chocolates, while you pleasure her for the duration with your tongue while sitting on the floor. Just make sure it’s not a box-set from Netflix, etc.

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I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Sex should never be ratioed. Whilst good sex involves investment in each other’s pleasure, that doesn’t mean that giving one act should equal receiving it. What you are suggesting is a little murky when it comes to consent.

Also, be careful of absolutes. “At least 30 minutes” will be perfect for some, but will overstimulate some and not be anywhere near for others. It’s also all relative within what else is happening.


I’m trained and worked in mathematics so absolutes are how I think.

“There was an explosion at a pie factory and 3.142 people got injured”
“Life is complex, it has both real and imaginary parts”

Think of me as Sheldon Cooper with a beard but much older.

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:rofl: :rofl: so bad that they’re brilliant!
I’d like to think that you’re better with women than Sheldon Cooper though! You must be since you’re on this forum :grin:

I noticed that the forum kept mentioning Big Bangs so I assumed it was talking about Astro-Physics.

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