Oral give and take

Love oral (particularly giving).
Wife less enthusiastic about giving. Not a huge issue for me, but any ideas to assist with her enthusiasm.


It depends why she isn’t enthusiastic about it. If she has a worry about doing it well or dealing with the ejaculate or being under the impression it’s unhygienic or whatever, then yes you may be able to reassure her (talking her through what you like, discussing the best place for you to cum, using flavoured lubes or condoms, washing your penis before sex etc)

If she just isn’t into doing it, then there isn’t much you can do.


Hi Calie
Thanks for feed back. Interesting to hear from an other female perspective.
I am very particular on personal hygiene and wife acknowledges this.
I don’t expect her to go the whole way to completion.
She will do it, but it would make it so much more enjoyable if she was enthusiastic as I am.( I love the intimacy of going down on her).
As you say ,if it just isn’t your thing.

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I think you’ll find THIS very useful — check it out!

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I never used to be a fan of it but seeing how much it turns my OH on made me want to do it more and in turn I’ve learned to love it. Generally it isn’t a “finishing” exercise for us it is usually part of foreplay. I would make it very clear you’d like to try it a bit more, even if just for a couple of minutes, let her know how sexy you find it. Maybe get into the mood showering together, going down on her first. Introducing flavoured lube could be an option too!
Good luck!


Thank you @ Cupc8kes
Yes any hints tips really appreciated.
It would mean so much if my OH got turned on by it.
Letting my cum in her mouth would be amazing, but one step at a time.
I love when she cums hard when kicking her clit and rubbing her g-spot.

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@Iwill I take it you mean licking :rofl: :crazy_face:


My OH sounds the same as you, she gives me oral but I don’t finish in her mouth as I know she isn’t keen on it. We did exactly what you said, in the shower so both clean then added different flavoured lubes. I love giving her oral and making her cum with my mouth.

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Thank you @ meganep
Again it is better to hear replies from a womans point of view to get a better perspective. I’d happily have my tongue in her anytime she wants. Ill let her know how much of a turn on it is… if it became a turn on for her as it has become for you, I’d be over the moon.

I genuinely found for me the more I did it the more I liked it. The more praise you get the more you want to do it so lay it on thick when she does do it, let her know how good it feels.

I think a lot of reservations come from being scared you won’t be good at something, it was certainly the case for me but let’s face it as long as your teeth aren’t involved how bad can you be?! Praise, reassurance and telling her how God damn sexy you find her will work wonders im sure!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: the perils of predictive text… yes I don’t think that would help my case at all.:rofl:

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I’ll take your advice and let her know how good a job she is doing …you are right , how bad a job of it can you make… not really.

Hi @ meganep
From a womans point of view on receiving.
I love licking my wife’s clit … does your OH feel the same ( do most men ?) and is it something you really enjoy.

Hi @ cupc8kes
On the subject , is receiving high up in your list of preferences.?

My partner loves giving and receiving, always has. I think he gets the same enjoyment as I do seeing how much it turns the other person on.

For me on the receiving end I love it but depending where I am in my cycle and what my hormones are doing to me I can find it almost too much sometimes. Never really discussed that with friends so not sure if that is something other women have experienced!


Yes I can understand from your body personal side… like most things , woman have to feel comfortable and rightly so.

@Iwill yes, it is now.
But only because my hubby has made it that way.
Years ago in our relationship I wasn’t fussed and we didn’t do it that much, but he started indulging me because he loves it so much - and who am I to complain :yum:
The more he does it, the more I want it.
And because he does it a LOT, I’ve started giving him oral more often too, because I want to and I feel like he deserves it :relieved:


:grin: Good to hear. I will let my wife know.
It is one of life’s pleasures seeing how a woman enjoys the feeling.

Love giving! Particularly after I’ve cum inside her. Wife finds this very hot.
Enjoy receiving also, however prefer giving.

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I’m always looking for ways to improve my technique. If your hub has any tips im all ears.:blush: