Penis plugs and urethral sound choice

A short time ago I purchased a ElectraStim Uni-Polar 5mm Small Urethral Sound Probe

I enjoy using it very much, with or without the e-stim.

Now I am ready to try a few more things, like penis plugs and other urethral sounds.

I could only see a very limited selection on Lovehoney and had to get then from else where.

I brought a set of Rosebud sounds and a sapphire penis plug.

Its shame because I have been shopping with LH for years and like the customer service.

Are there any plans to increase the range available?

I just wondered if they are not widely sold because the risk of UTIs or injury, caused by being careless?

what does it feelnlike? The idea makes me want to cry :(. Ive had constant 'sore wee' (not caused by infection) for 3 years :(

And remember randy 101, you CAN shop other places if lovehoney hasnt got what tou want. Try asking on the 'pander to me' thread first and see what happens

I suspect it's because they're deemed a bit extreme. Lovehoney don't seem to dabble much on the fetish side and these aren't what most people would put in their toybox.

They added an anal hook to their range a while back but it's incredibly expensive so I too had to venture and buy from another source.

As fistinglover suggests, try the pander to me thread and see what happens. But I still think it will take a while for the range to become interesting to the more experienced players.

Sounding sets are fantastic value for money on eBay - remember to clean thoroughly before and after each use and to store them properly.

The feeling is hard to desribe!

I think its more a mental turn on, seeing that you can take the object.

You start off a bit scared , relax , then it just goes in :)

I have not used them much yet as I have a cold and am being very carefull (paranoid) about infections!

I got what I wanted from a 'kinky' web site. I did not want to mention where, incase it broke any forum rules.

I can see that it can be seen to be a bit extreme and not mainstream. I must be going on FL too much . You can't research too much, before trying something new.

I find it fascinating that most people think its got to be painful and seem to cringe at the very thought of this. The sensations from sounding are actually quite subtle unless you are trying to use a sound that is perhaps too large. There can be some discomfort afterwards when peeing but so long as you have been careful over cleanliness and don't introduce an infection then this passes off quite quickly.

We have recently experimented with a set of rosebud sounds which are quite long enough to reach the prostate. The sounds will drop in under their own weight (it is not necessary or advisable to actively push the sounds in) and on passing the prostate they give a sensation that is like a vibration (even though there is no vibrator involved).

We use them, but Mrs is a nurse and although we both have our own and do not exchange use without cleaning them, they really help us get our kicks.

It wasn't something either of us considered, in fact we'd balked at the thought. Then one day we were messing about with a tulip vibe, ended up messing around Mr's head & urethra, Turned us on, so we started stimulating him regularly getting more and more adventurous. Because it turned Mrs on so much, Mr started doing the same to her. Next thing we know, our toy box just got a whole lot more kinky and we've never looked back.