plain or vibrating, which ring?


Looking to purchase my first cock ring and am unsure of the benefits of both types. I really want to rock my OH so am thinking the LH bionic bullet would be good but it looks rather large and clumsy. I assume when it's on it doesn't move around. Any advice and recommendations you can give will be very much appreciated before I place my order.

Thanks in advance :)

I like the vibrating ones,as does my wife,my one bit of advice,would be to shave first,as the latex ones don`t half hurt when they pull your pubs!

This is the best we've tried

I do own vibrating cock rings but I prefer metal cock rings as they make me a lot firmer and we enjoy them more.

bondagegod wrote:

I do own vibrating cock rings but I prefer metal cock rings as they make me a lot firmer and we enjoy them more.

Stupid question but how on earth do you get that back off again if your blood doesn't dissipate due to the vessels being restricted?

I really enjoy wear the LH silver 1.75 inc cock ring. I wear it nearly everyday and when I have an erection, I love that extra tightness.

My OH also likes it when I'm wearing it during sex!

My best ring to date & I've tried a few.

Normally remove the ring after we have had sex and not erect anymore. Even when erect it can still come off lube can help as well.

I am frightened of using metal one`s in case they don`t come off and i have to call fire brigade!

hubby has a couple of metal cock rings and i love seeing him with metal cocks ring on....he normallly wears on for days on end no trouble at all

This is the first cock ring me and my boyfriend tried and I'd recommend it as your first too :)

It's inexpensive so it's great for finding out if you and your OH enjoy them, while still doing it's job perfectly - my boyfriend loves it :)

Because it's a double vibrating ring you can also find out if you prefer cock rings with/without the second ring around the balls and with/without vibrations. Then you can always order a more expensive one knowing exactly what you and your OH are looking for in a cock ring.

It's also super easy to take on and off if metal ones seem a bit too daunting right now. It's definitely worth giving it a try!

I have to agree with CLTSTU, the TENGA vibrating cock ring is just amazing. I am really impressed with it :)

After reading so many good comments on metal rings i bought a set of three. Only ones useable lol
But they far outway the others i tried firts and the OH loves it.
Couple it up with a throwaway vibrating ring from a high street store with only one price lol
And youll get the best of both worlds 😆