Posting pictues

My gf and I would like to post some pics online, is this possible on this site?

No, you cannot post pics on this site, the members of OA created a blog for photos, but im afraid thats password protected as of the nature of it and is only available to regular members on the forum.

Hope this helps xx

thanks morbidia, we better get posting then!!

You're very welcome James ^_^

x x x

Happy to help you out when the time comes James!! - post away.


Tallboy do I have to talk to you about this or you will inform me?


sorry forgot to welcome james here! Have a great time!

explicit pictures or just sexy one's?


Hiya grboy, this is one of those How long is a piece of string questions, a recommendation from a camper should do it, otherwise you are quite close now !!!!!! Speak soon TB !


Thanks Tallboy for your reply. I am not too close to any other camper cause I am the only here from Gr. Anyway I love this forum and I ;ll be waiting for you to tell when I am ready, don't want to be an intruder!!!Lots of things to share.

keep well