Pretty penis

Mrs.Naughty constantly comments about how smooth and straight Mr.N's penis is; unlike others she has seen (not many, poor lamb) which have either been hideously veiny, bent, hairy, and generally less than nice to look at. In fact she has nicknamed it LAPD (long, aesthetically pleasing dick), not the police show!

How does your old man's old man stand up (fnarr fnarr) in the beauty stakes? Whenever you see it in all it's glory do you think, "mmmm nice dick", or is it "bejayzuz look at those bloody veins!!)?

Well mrs expert likes mine very much , I think most women do find male parts attractive but some are conditioned by society not to . A red blooded woman should find their partners bits very attractive if they dont I would say that they should ask themselves why not ? it could be a sign of some sexual hangups .

Equally some men dont like a womans bits they too should ask themselves why they dont as both sexes organs are beautiful.

God yeah I love my man's cock! It has a slight curve to it, but all the better for hitting my gspot with, it's wide enough for me, and certainly long enough too.

My man's is gorgeous, a perfect specimen! He appears to feel the same about my bits too, I always thought mine were ugly but he loves to look and takes as many pics as I will allow.

Well, and l have to admit to being a bit biased here, but l think mine is perfectly formed, not knobbly, rigid and upstanding, e.mail version for doubters!!!


OK TB, you're on, we demand evidence!

Hi imeldamelda for proof !!