Prostate massager


Never even thought about prostate massaging until recently and after reading some stuff online it seems like something to try, what is the best prostate massager to try for a beginner and any tips would be great,

Some people say it's not safe to do it, anyone here who doesn't it often, is it safe?

Sorry I meant does do it often

How often is often?
Once a week? Daily? Twice a day?
As long as you keep your massager clean, follow good hygiene and use plenty of lube then the only thing you need to do is listen to your body - everyone has a different tolerance and your body will tell you if you are overdoing it.

Ok was just wondering as its something I've never tried and wanted to make sure it's safe

I'm new to it but after receiving a prostrate toy in a free bundle I can't get enough.
I find my spot easy and always have a good session
I feel like an 18yrs old again a when I come it's lreally strong .
I would advise a good lube but always a good clean after use

Thanks ur the reply, getting me really excited about getting something, what one have u got or is there one similar?

It's actually a really healthy thing to do, with many benefits to regular prostate massage. There's no 'one toy fits all', but you can easily start with your fingers, to get a feel for it

To be honest I'll find that a bit difficult as I have a bad back that's why I was thinking of a toy

I am a woman so I have not used a prostate massager, but this one is new and have very good reviews :) It can vibrate, is made out of silicone and is not too expensive.

Sorry forgot to post the link :)

Thanks a lot, they look quite big lol, never even thought about putting anything down there so the size is a bit worrying

This might be a bit smaller :)

I have been looking at this one

This might sound a bit stupid but I am a bit overweight and worried that if I buy it it won't reach the spot, does it matter what size u r?

Hi jbuyer, it makes no difference to height/weight etc. Everyone's body is different so one person's p-spot might be 3" in, another's may be 4, but generally you can reach it with a finger.

With regards to Aneros toys, the larger ones are for beginners and the smaller headed ones are for more experienced players.

If you're still worried (I see you posted a v similar topic back before Christmas), then I'd suggest starting with a slimline buttplug. Get something thin enough and you'll enjoy wearing it around the house, and you'll be able to feel it rub against your p-spot :)

Your weight shouldn't really make much difference to prostate play other than positions you find comfortable.
Do yu know about Lovehoney's returns policy? You could try that joelkaplan thing and if you dont like it return for something else.

Invest in some decent thick lube too.

Thanks for ur answer I think I will go ahead and buy the one I link with the maximus anal lube

The Maximus lube is great, love it!

Remember it is in the 2 for £20 deal, so you could get another toy in that deal for £3!

Oh nice, anything anyone would recommend, I have a Jessie Andrews ur3 sleeve and a Blow Job Master Thrusting Male Masturbator, something not too big as I'm sharing a place with someone?

Here is the deal :)