Prostate Play Preperation & Mind Blowing Orgasms

Hello, I'm Melissa. My boyfriend and I tried anal prostate play. I was fingering him using gloves and using a dildo on him. We worked up to where he was starting to get an orgasm but then he felt like peeing during simulation so we had to stop. Is this normal and is there a way to avoid this? Is it pee or cum? We are using Latex Gloves, 6.5" suction cup dildo, lube, condoms

Melissa & Michael

It is fairly usual for prostate play to feel a bit like needing to wee. The more you do it, the more he'll be able to tell the difference.
I'd suggest he go to the loo before play and maybe lay a towel down if it helps ease the mind.

Yes - not only is the 'feeling like I'm about to pee' sensation normal its a good sign that you are getting close to being able to orgasm from the anal stimulation. I have never peed myself while pegging nor have I heard of it happening to anyone else but a towel down is a good idea as the orgasm from pegging is a fragile thing and you really don't want any worries or distractions or it may well not happen. I find it helps me orgasm if I concentrate on that 'needing to pee' sensation as it's coming from the area where the anal orgasm builds. Of course there are lots of sensations going on and you just need to relax, accept that they are ok (so long as none of them are painful) and eventually it will happen. Its well worth the effort believe me!

One other thing I found early on was that I became incredibly hot as if I was lying in the sun and we had to stop as it became too much. After a few sessions it stopped happening and it's never bothered me since.

Don't worry all sounds normal. My wife regularly plays with my prostate and some extreme stuff too from pegging to large dildos and also fisting me. Massaging the prostate will cause the penis to 'milk' and seminal fluid will be released. Mine tends not to shoot out but dribble out until she brings me off in a full orgasm.

Keep at it, anal is amazing for both.