Public Wishlists

It always makes me cringe when I see profiles where people are demanding you buy things from their public wishlists but recently I started to wonder if people actually do?

Honestly I could never see myself buying someone an item off their wish list without knowing them or having a public wish list myself.
But have any of you? (Be honest!) And why?

I have a public one just because lol...

It's just to remind me what I want and I ain't afraid to show it. I wouldn't buy one for anyone off this site, no.

I use to feel like that, particularly on the forum, but now as a pro femme dom I see it a little differently. I get subs who question why I don't share my wishlist or tell them to buy me something. It's almost expected within the job.

Although I wouldn't really use to forums to advertise something like that, and mostly stick to my perform websites and social media, as those following / reading can just stop if they dislike it.

(I wasn't saying it was bad to have a public wishlust I totally get that part - Especially for people you know on the site!)

I just wouldn't buy for someone I didnt know and the begging/demanding (Or sometimes expecting it??) just gives me second-hand embarrassment!

I've had one for ages, I only put it up because I use it more as a reminder for myself, I'd never expect anyone to buy me anything and they never have... even for my birthday yesterday ;)

*Wishlist, sorry. But maybe we should call them wishlusts?

And Happy Birthday!

I've just realised the first post isn't worded very well, I'm not asking if you have a public wish list I was asking if anyone buys people stuff off theirs >~< Woops...

My OH uses my wishlist to buy me things that he wants to keep secret. Mostly he uses my account to purchase items; but if he doesn't want me to know he's got it (receiving the email notification) he'll use his own account and go to my wishlist.

I have used some forum members wishlists whom I consider to be friends and have helped me and I've bought them a little something as a thank you before.

I have all mine public. No reason really apart from the fact I like playing that game and because hubby has an account and can buy me things from them.

Someone once bought me a present from my wishlist when I was at an extreme low and it was a wonderful surprise and really cheered me up.

I bought someone a present once to cheer them up when they were at an all time low.

Its a nice thing to do for someone If you can afford to x

Yes people buy off wish lists.... There is an entire threat post on here called " a got a gift"

I've both bought and received but most people that do it only send to people who they feel have helped them with problems or been a good friend

I have recieved presents from my besie from here.There's an entire thread about LH presents,so I guess it is happening.The LH community is super nice and friendly.When I have some spare money,I will buy a present to someone I appreciate from the forum. ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Mine is public and as others have said, I mainly use it as a reminder for myself of things that I want to buy at some point, and also because I enjoy the wishlist game and I often find things that I really like, that I hadn't looked at/thought of before.

I have never had anyone buy me anything, but I have never expected that to happen. I'd probably like to buy gifts for others here at some point, but I don't really know everyone well enough yet, plus I'm usually beyond skint (and any spare cash goes on buying myself pressies lol)

I've seen the game and it looks like fun! Maybe I should make mine public ;) I just never bothered to change it to public!

Frozenangel: That's so sweet that they go to so much effort to surprise you! I have a friend planning on making an account because I keep pestering her about how cute it would be to be able to buy each other surprise presents!

Pinkanimal: Thats lovely and especially when you passed it on too! Something from Lovehoney would cheer me up more than flowers anyday!

I echo others - my wishlists really are nothing more than me collating together what I plan to buy when I have money, and also I can send the list to my OH for general gift ideas :)

Kittyondrugs: Yeah! Everyone is super friendly - I just don't feel I know anyone well enough to buy them a gift yet! Maybe I will one day though, that would be nice to have closer friends on here that I can chat to! Plus I love buying my friend things from lovehoney! (Alot of my friends are a bit prudey though :/) I don't know why but its just more fun than buying make-up or clothes! But then I find buying things for myself more fun when its a new toy rather than clothes too!

Butterflybee: I feel the same on the money front! I only have enough for myself usually! But I like buying stuff from lovehoney more than other stuff anyway... (Ya'know food ect. ;) ) This is where I do most of my impulse purchasing!

Sunshine,Lollipops: Hahaha! I know it sounds sad that I found that so funny but I think I will start calling it my wishlust! And bumdle gets autocorrected by my phone :( So that sucks! Taking away my silly words!

There are many reasons people have public wishlists and hoping a random stranger will buy them a gift might be one of those reasons, but considering this happening is extremel rare, I think it might be in the minority to these other reasons:

1) One person might make a wishlist public so their own partner(s) can go look, get ideas and treat them to a new toy.

2) Simply as a list of things that person likes the look of and wants to keep them all in one place for when they have a bit of cash to treat themselves. They just left it public because they might not expect others will go looking, or might not care if they do.

3) Camgirls, pro-dommes and other similar trades have a public wishlist so their fans/subs/friends can treat them to a gift.

4) Sex toy testers (like myself) have a list of toys they want to review, so when a company gets in touch or wonders what kind of products interest you, you can send them a link, rather than try to remember all the items off the top of your head.

I'm sure there are more reasons too.

Of course, some wishlists (usually titled something like "please buy this student a gift" or similar) are obviously wishlists aimed at getting gifts. However, I don't cringe at this. I used to, but then I questioned why I felt uncomfortable about it really. Logically, if one person has the cahones to ask strangers for gifts and another stranger feels compelled to indulge that person, then nobody loses. The wishlist owner is thrilled, the sender is thrilled (usually they enjoy making someone happy. There could be more to it than selfless sending, such as hoping to strike up a naughty connection, but considering you are not allowed to post info here such as emails and there is no chat, I guess it really has to be selfless) and Lovehoney are happy, because, sales. :D

So, nobody actually loses. Everyone involved in that dynamic walks away happy with their decision. (all parties consented) Maybe we feel uncomfortable with it because most of us work hard for our treats and see it as people taking advantage and getting hand outs for free, when we personally had to spend hard earned cash. Maybe that's what makes people uncomfortable with it. Or maybe we were raised not to beg, or that begging is lowering yourself. I dunno. Point is though, it might be seen as negative (degrading, selling yourself etc) but it is that persons right to make those choices and if they feel happy with it and no one is getting hurt, then who cares really?

I obviously don't know for sure, but I suspect random wishlist treating is rare among complete strangers. Most gifting happens between people who feel they have a connection, no matter how tenious. Cam girls have fans who love to treat the women who makes their day, friends on here want to cheer up other forum members ...more often than not, there is some prior connection/friendship/relationship. Many of us humans are generous creatures, but usually to people where we get to see the outcome of our good deed lol. It makes us happy to see someone we connected with, happy.

I have a public wishlist, but I personally don't like being sent gifts. The idea behind it is lovely, but the truth is I then feel obligated to return the kindness (even IF the gifter says not to). That is my nature. I stuggle to take something without giving something back. If I am having a lean month, or had not budgeted for treats, then it becomes stressful! lol I would much rather nobody sent me gifts and I purchased my own perfect product with the money I would have used to re-gift someone. If anyone wants to cheer me up, I much prefer a chat, or a "Hey, thinking of you" or "You really helped me" comments. That makes my day.

The last few gifts I sent to others, I tried to remain anon, to avoid them feeling that same pressure (because if you don't know who did it, you can hardly return the favour) However, most of them figured it out and some sent me gifts back and then I felt awful that I had obligated them. I rarely gift these days....I can't handle the pressure of it all! lol

That's my opinion anyway.

Yeah, like I said in previous comments my friend is getting an account so we can send eachother gifts and obviously peoples partners will too ^_^ I have one for reviews too (although its a little bare at the moment!) and I have been considering making my wishlists public as I don't really care who sees them.

what really spurred the OP was ending up on someone's profile and reading things such as 'Now go get me gifts' ect. Or begging except that it happened over and over and then I posted this :D It makes me feel embarrassed because *For one example* I think if I ever wrote something like that and looked back on it in a few years I'd be so embarrassed. I'm not in any way looking down on people who do it, I just get that awful feeling like when I look back on bad outfits and fear they will feel that way too.

I'm one of those people who feels very strong second hand embarrassment very easily though so it could be that!

I totally understand. I too would find it humiliating to ask others for things that I don't think I have "earned" I would be embarrased to do this too.

However, just because that is MY personal opinion, doesn't mean others opinions are less valid or true, if that makes sense? (Kinda like scat play, or any number of kinks I don't enjoy: I might not do it myself and sometimes I may find it revolting, but if they enjoy it, then good luck to them).

See, its all very subjective. I am into kink. Some people might judge me and think of me as a pervert for enjoying kink, while others, who enjoy more extreme kink, may think I am a pretender, not extreme enough therefore not a "true" kinkster. We all look around and form opinions about others (we ALL do it) based on our own opinions and experiences. So that is normal lol. What we do with our opinions then is to accept others are different, or try to shame them into our way of thinking. Obvs one is better than the other, in a perfect world lol

They might indeed be embarrassed a few years down the line, or they may not. It depends if their opinion on that type of behaviour changes. If it does and they do feel ashamed, they shouldn't. We all do embarrassing things we regret doing as younger people (or even in the here and now lol) but one thing stays the err is human.

I regularly wishlist's when i'm looking at new toys, lube lingerie or whatever. Right now I am interested in buying a dildo for anal and some lingirie so created 2 wishlists just for any of those, If i them come across something i may want then it gets added to thg corresponding one for my perusal later/when i come to purchase.

If it's a clear 'please buy me these things' type of of wishlist then i am against other people buying them stuff because i wouldn't be asking folk to buy me things for no reason other than to get new toys for free so not for tohers doing it

On the flip side, if someone has general wishlist's for themselves or even as an easy to way to ask for suggestions on toys from the community and someone ends up buying them something from it for whatever reason then i'm fine with that. Also as a way to show your OH stuff you like is also a good way to create wishlists becuase i'm sure guys might not always know what to get their girl and vice versa.

Anway that's my two cents on thew matter.