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Gfs hole to small cnt last longer than 10 seconds delay spray doesnt help any thing we could do to stretch her pussy because i can not keep letting her down because shes to tight any serious advice please .

Hello and welcome 🙂

There are a few delay sprays, creams, and condoms that many have said have helped them in similar situations though I think they do have mixed results judging from the reviews. It's happened to me on more than several occasions, though I think that was more to do with infrequent sex and getting a bit giddy when I finally got to have a bit of a go. 🙂 I didn't know about delay sprays and creams then but condoms helped desensitise, and more sex re-acclimatised me to the sensation so I could go back to lasting a decent time.

There are vaginal dilator sets you can get if it really is a case of your girlfriend having an unusually tight vagina, but I think it's one of those things that she'd have to decide she wanted to do for herself. I'll link them anyway, but I think you'd have to have a proper conversation with her about it before deciding to buy anything.

3 piece (vibrating) https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=37689

5 Piece https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35782

There are other techniques to increase your stamina if she didn't want to go down that route, like 'edging' for example (masturbating/having sex right up until the edge of orgasm and then stopping completely until you'd calmed down, before starting up again. And repeating that for as often as you can/have time for). This can give you a much better sense of your 'point of no return' during a session proper so you can stop and mix things up a bit with oral or toys before jumping back in.

Hope some of this helps 🙂

It helps thanks it hasnt happend with any other girl lol just im rather large and she is rediculosly tight to the point it hurts my cock i take ages to cum of a blow job and if i have a wank . And we have spoke she wants to try summet to make her hole loosen so i can make her orgasm i have to make her with my tounge or a dildo at moment its killing my confidence just can not belive how small she is thort ide put it up her bum by mistake first time haha just i work away so she doesnt get my cock for 3 weeks at a time and then by the time im home it barely goes in and then when it does i cum after a few seconds i must be first ever lad who wants his gf to have a big pussy ha any thing i could take to try and thin my penis or am i asking for a miracle thanks for advice.

I am not 100% on this but the more turned on she is the looser she will be, so maybe have more foreplay?. Most of the delay sprays have mixed reviews but the EXS endurance delay spray looks good and just ordered that myself as I struggle to last long myself recently , but EXS endurance delay spray looks like the best one if you haven't already used that item. Have you tried edging or using a penis extender ? I have read some reviews about penis extenders that make you last a little longer 😊

Well im already 10.2 inch hard so dnt no if she could take it as she bleeds now so not sure what to do . I dont want to use an extender and rip her she takes length well its girth .

So your 10+ inches but your GF is tight ok👍try maybe pull the head off it an hour before.Then the batting may last a little longer once at the crease.

Ive been on the LH forum for a quite few years now and read lots of great and very informative threads and also lots of great and helpful advice but there's just something about this thread!!🤔

I agree with the above..something just doesnt sound right with this post. 🙈 I'm confused as what your asking ?

Are you looking for something to help you last longer or something to help your SO to feel more comfortable? If it's the latter I would suggest lubing up the old chappy and giving her plenty of foreplay to help her relax. It could be that the first couple of times hurt her and therefore she now has a mental block which is manifesting in her unknowingly tightening up, so maybe just be patient and try not using your entire length.

Thanks we will give lube for play and delay spray another try to night a long with a few drinks ha thanks for advice