Question on gaffs

Specifically I am wondering about the gaffs that simulate a camel toe type affect that some members have mentioned wearing. Pretty much a front padded section with a pleated seam up the center. What can be worn over it that shows the desired affect or do you not wear something over top at all? The only thing I can think of would be snug lyra type shorts or leggings but certainly open to ideas.

I’m wearing camel toe gaffs of the type you describe at the moment.

Men’s underwear is no good as it has a pouch at the front for all the tackle, and it doesn’t hold the gaff in place or accentuate it, so I’m wearing women’s knickers. They show the camel toe off very well.

Don’t get high leg or low waist or you’ll see the edges of the gaff.

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I hooked up with a transsexual who regularly wore a gaff. She couldn’t get fully hard and told me it was because of the gaff. I imagine the compression of her penis didn’t help in that regard.

The soft foam gaffs that I use don’t compress anything. They mostly cover the genitals and mould to your body under the tension of the knickers. There is a photo of me wearing mine in the lingerie photo thread.

You can also get knickers with the camel toe gaff built in but theses are more expensive than the foam gaffs alone.

I’ve got a silicone one on order so I’ll see how that works.

Not making a ruling. Just passing along what someone has said about them.

It wouldn’t be a regular use item anyway. Just one of those items at the back of the drawer to play with should the interest arrise (pardon the pun) and how best to use it.