Quiet spanker/crop

Are there any quiet spanking devices anyone can recommend? We have a love honey heart crop that I love using and being used on but it can be a little loud................ love the noise it makes but it may wake other younger house members up!

Just about anything that will cause a pain reaction when striking the skin will make a noise, only way of making less noise is to strike softer. So basically answer is no...sorry

If it's just for sensation, could you try a pinwheel or cat claw while little ears are around?

I think all crops will be the same. Not sure if it would make a difference if you put something over the end maybe .

I don’t know of any specific crops that are quiet if you’re hitting hard with them, but if you’re not set on a crop specifically, floggers tend to be more thudsy than sharp with the noise, so that can seem quieter. I also have a double-ended toy that has a mini type flogger on one end and while it doesn’t exactly feel like a crop, it is also a small area it would impact and it’s pretty quiet.

pinching is slient...