Recommend any masturbators?

Hi, I’m new to sex toys and love honey and I recently ordered some anal toys. They’re pretty good, however I want to step it up slowly and have been curious about masturbators. I should say that I have sensitive glands and would prefer to have some soft options on masturbators. Are there any go to masturbators you would recommend? And also want are the best ones you’ve all used?


Try using the search function as there are many threads on this exact question which should yield you many recommendations. The fleshlights are a quick go to as there are many different textures and orifice designs.

My husband has the Fleshlight Go Torque Male Masturbator and the Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage Compact Male Masturbator and likes both of them a lot - his reviews: Go Torque & QUICKSHOT

My favourite by far is the Fleshlight Quickshot.


Welcome to the world of toys, I guess first thing would be to know what sort of sensation you’re looking for? Regarding the sensitive glands I would suggest to use lube 100% or coconut oil!

I would then look at maybe getting a Tenga Egg

They are super cheap, reusable and a great starter mastubator before leading into other things. The quickshot is great and feels amazing, but the price tag is a tad high:

They are worth it but it’s only if your budget can reach, another option is a fleshlight which is the ultimate toy:

I absolutely love mine and my partner also likes to watch me slip in and out of them :eyes:

The next option would be a blow motion toy, they vibrate and warm up so might be better on your member:

Depends on what type of feel your after as fleshlights are great for a penetrating feel, while strokers are more accommodating for a hands on approach and let you still have control over how you like to do it with your hand but with an added extra :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks this helped clear some things up.

I can recommend - this one is a good starter and is double ended
This is good as you can cum inside by pulling back or use the full toy and both holes at the same time cumming but making a mess

Tenga eggs feel good and are also good as you can masturbate with less to clean up

Your most welcome dude