Recommendations for a chastity cage?

Hi all!

I’m looking to purchase a chastity cage from LH but the reviews seem quite hit and miss. I was wondering if someone might be able to make a recommendation? I’m concerned that I’ll make a purchase that doesn’t fit!

Thanks all and hope you are having a nice day :slight_smile:

This one is a good one to start with.

It as my first and I still use it for a change.


Check dimensions carefully. I bought one a while back but despite it being the largest I could find on-site I still can’t get in it.

Didn’t return it as thought I’d wait til winter really sets in, the temperature drops below freezing and then I’ll pop outside naked and see if it shrinks enough in the cold to try again.


The one I’ve recommended is one of the larger ones and I certainly don’t fill it (except on special occasions) so it’s a good one to start with.

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Brilliant, thanks for this :slight_smile:

Yeah this is my concern! I was thinking of a cold shower as a fix :joy:

Just FYI - this is the one I bought. Whilst getting the ring in place was no problem I just couldn’t get into the main part.

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If you get one that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like, there’s always the Sex Toy Happiness Promise :grin::+1: (Edit: looks like bondage was added to the sex toy happiness promise only for purchases made between 11th November and 2nd December :grimacing: )

If you feel like doing some reading, the Lovehoney blog has a Chastity Devices Guide, and there are quite a few recent threads with questions and recommendations if you search :mag:cage - Which chastity cage?, Cages, Measuring for a chastity cage. If you’re not following this one already, these experts could probably answer any question you’ve got:

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Oooh. Are they sex toys or bondage? The Promise only covers sex toys.

Has anyone used it for a Cock Cage before?

This Promise does not apply to lingerie, bondage items or lubricants.

If you’re not completely happy with a sex toy or bondage item you have bought from Lovehoney between 11th November and 2nd December, let us know by 31st January 2022 and we’ll give you a full refund.

Did they add bondage to the sex toy happiness promise just for holiday shopping? If so, I guess today’s the last day :thinking:

ETA I’ll throw in a screenshot :+1:


That might be one for @Lovehoney_Brenna to untangle. :slightly_smiling_face: But if it says it on the site, then I think it counts. :+1:

I have the Man Cage Model 3. I love the feeling of restriction but…. The width of the shaft is too small. Therefore when aroused the whole device just gets pushed forwards and that can be quite painful. Also, when flaccid, it’s impossible to fill the whole shaft, so urinating is difficult, as well as cleaning.
In saying all that, the feeling when it comes off after 3 days of wear is amazing.
For a future purchase, I would like to try one of the shorter metal ones.

We are trying chastity for the first time recently and my boyfriend is currently wearing a black silicone cage. We also tried a CB-6000 which was fine but decided to stay with the silicone one to start.

It’s not anything we had really thought about before but I saw a post about ‘Locktober’ and really got interested in this as we live apart at the moment and he surprised me by saying he would give it a try.

He wore it most of October then had a week out and has had it on for about 4 weeks again now. He says it is comfortable and doesn’t really notice it too much now.

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Although not cheap a custom made one will fit for sure. I have made several myself from stainless steel but used ’ off the shelf base rings’. Made for a perfect fit. I have asked in the missing info section but I think it’s important for the tube/cage diamart to be listed not just the base ring size.

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The one I recommended is a good place to start. It’s not expensive as these things go and once you’ve worn it a while you’ll have a base from which to decide whether you need different sizes.

NEWBIEJEN: I’ve tried silicone cages but they’re too flexible for me and they eventually slip off. Plastic ones, like the CB range, are difficult to keep clean so I prefer the metal cage design.

We may look at a metal cage next month if we keep going with him wearing one, it started out as just a bit of fun in October but has been more fun than we thought and the silicone cage has been comfortable enough for him to wear it to now.

We don’t live together but I will be staying with him at his parents over Christmas so it’s going to be fun knowing what he is wearing underneath!

That’s an aspect my wife enjoys too. When we’re out with friends or family or when I’m playing on stage she loves the knowledge that I’m secretly wearing my cage for her (and sometimes a butt plug).

So it seems we can recommend a silicone cage as my boyfriend has mostly worn one for the last few months without any real problems. We are going to take a break from it for a month or two and today was his last day wearing it. I think it was a turn on for us both him still wearing it today whilst round at my parents earlier on Christmas Day.

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I’ve just been instructed to wear my chastity cage ready for my girlfriend to tease me later and over the weekend :smiling_imp:

That sounds like you’re both going to have a good time. Enjoy.

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