recommendations please

im hoping you guys can make me some reccomendations- im looking for a hotel for a good old dirty weekend with the hubby ( oh and the sex toys!) - no kids, no distractions!!

love the look/sound of the playroom at the hotel pelirocco in brighton but maybe just a touch expensive!

would love a very large bath/plunge bath/jacuzzi in the bathroom. A hotel room with plenty of potential to let our hair down!!

not too fussed on loccation as not planning on sight seeing! lol

so where do you reccomed??


Hello Ellis! I can recommend the Malmaison in Liverpool. Stayed there a few times. The bath is huuuuge and deep! Showers are brilliant for stand up sex and are fantastic when on. Good food there too! Very private. Good solid furnishings to fuck on and king size double beds. SG x

Hi Ellis, not sure where your location is or how far you are willing to travel? Check out the website of Falling Angel, Co.Durham. Bit pricey but worth every penny for a weekend like you have planned. I took the OH, 6 months ago as a suprise treat and boy oh boy it was just what i was looking for. She didn't half show her apprecation, in the nicest and kinkiest way. Choose whichever themed room you like and get really into the swing of it. I chose the Cruise themed room as my wife hates the sea and my work involves it, therefore we had a mini cruise without setting sail.Brilliant and the food was excellent if not pricey, tho as i said it was a treat as no hols this year due to my medical condition. Best of luck, Jansman.

I want to go away now the hotels look lovely!

I love the look of the hotel pelirocco!

But as you say it is a tad pricey. The Macdonald Hotel Manchester has always appealled to me for a less expensive weekend away! They have hotels all over the country, not just Manchester.

I would also love to try Cotswold House hotel and spa as it looks gorgeous and so romatic! However it is way out of my price range at the moment so I think it would have to be a very special occasion!

x x x

I know the Pelirocco is recommended on here a lot, and I can vouch for it after half a dozen stays. It really is superfun.

It also has a loyalty scheme and mailing list called Rocco Regulars. If you are considering a visit, it's a good way to keep up with offers and the extras you can get with your room (like a toy hamper, massage and boudoir photography).

Hotel gotham is by far my favourite hotel, it's in Manchester and I use it for all my sexy or romantic getaways. Its a gorgeous 1920s art deco style.