Has any one got a recommendation on sex toys I can use on my wife to give her the biggest and best orgasms ever any input would be appreciated

To recommend something, I’d need a little more to go on. What kind of stimulation does she generally prefer? G spot/A spot, clitoral, nipple, anal, something else, or a mix? Has she used sex toys before? If yes, did she enjoy vibrations or more manual stimulation?

She loves anything and is up for trying anything, we have some toys- gspot vibe, a wand , normal vibes, bullets, and so on we have just ur basic toys

She doesn’t like realistic toys that’s the only thing lol

Ask her to choose her favourite three toys you own and go from there. If she prefers clit vibrators, look for something within that section, if she prefers g spot, look for something there.

I note you haven’t mentioned a rabbit, so maybe that’s something to consider.

There is no suggestion anyone can give that will guarentee the biggest, best orgasms for your wife as everyone is different. Personally though, I find the experimenting with new sensations a massive part of the fun.

When you read reviews, don’t just look at the star ratings but look at what people say they enjoy generally and how the toy matches up and compare what they enjoy with what your wife enjoys.

I always read reviews before we buy il go for a rabbit is there any particular one that is better then others?

Again, it’s personal preference depending on whether she wants both the shaft and the ears vibrating at the same speeds or whether she wants different features for the shaft, such as beads or thrusting. To narrow it down a little for you, I would suggest looking at the Happy Rabbits


We are definitely going to look together she loves everything that I’ve chose so far so may surprise her aswel, and one more thing are mains powered wands a lot more powerful the.ln battery powered as she loves her battery one

Yes mains powered are a lot more powerful (assuming you buy one from Lovehoney and not a cheap one from a certain general shopping site)

I only order toys from love honey

Another one who reccomends the Happy rabbit vibrators...

this one made me come so hard it was unreal! This one is also good from the same range -

The mains powered wands are good as you can get all sorts of attachments for both of you

I love my beaded glass dildo - again came very hard and with glass you can add temperature play into it.

The other glass dildos we have and love are these - they are fantastic - great buy at the moment on 50% off and this one all of these have had great results for us. We’re 6 months into toys and have quickly built up an impressive collection!

There's a Top 5 Favourite Purchases thread that's good for browsing if you're interested (I've also popped them in a list too for convenience 👍🙂).