Remote Control

Over the past couple of years I have had a few of these with varying success either crap (fall apart) signal is to weak and the controller fails, they turn themselves on and off, Vibrations are to weak or just to awkward and uncomfortable or they wont stay in the right place and you end up constantly fiddle to get them back in position (this can really lose the moment if you know what I mean).

I have read the reviews on a few of these

I would like to hear from anyone else that has one either bullet or butterfly type or any other type for that matter?

Great if you can post a link to the one you’re talking about as well


Sorry I had better add these will be for me to use on misses snapper !

ditto the link ^^

these are two that I have tried before and the problems I have had
vibration were just enough (just) but the remote was un reliable and it would turn it self on every minute almost as to remind you it was there wouldnt stay in place and buttons are to small and to close together!

Great power ! but again buttons are fiddle battrey life was rubbish and it would lock up just getting going then it would be take it out take batteries out put it back together and start agin for a few mins before start all over again! and the silicon sleeve split very easliy !

Sorry but I would not recomend either !

The LoveHoney Dream Egg has had some good reviews - might be worth considering for some remote-control fun.

The main problem with remote control products is that there's more to go wrong with them. And because we're used to the ease of TV remotes, some people can find remote control sex toys a bit fiddly.

They're very good fun when you're out and about tho :-)