Review of the Month November - Nominations Please!

Have you seen a review on Orgasm Army that you think should win £50 of sex toys from LoveHoney? Maybe it's one of your own!

Post the link (or links!) in this thread with a brief mention of why you like the review and all the nominated reviews will go into a draw to win the prize.

The review doesn't have to have been written in November.

Yes, we're a little bit behind with this one, so please be quick! :-)

Kudos to the author of this Fleshlight review. Detailed, comprehensive and sincere. Well done! :)

And one more...not something I'd personally have a use for unless my husband decides he's interested in strap-on play (he's recently begun exploring anal play, but I don't think he's interested in going quite as far as to want me to use something like the Feeldoe) but an excellent review all the same. :)

I liked this one and think it was a really helpful review - gets you thinking about how to get more from your vibrator - i'ts not just girls who love em!

Thanks for nominating me Scrumptious! I have to love the Feeldoe review too though, if only for the classic sex review quote: "There's nothing worse than your cock falling off!"

I was thinking the same thing when I read that line, Queen Mab! :)

I felt bad for laughing, but I couldn't help it. ;)

Hi :) My latest review is now up, hope you like it! :D

Thank you for your nominations and congratulations to this month's winner, Private Lick! Good luck next month!

Yay! My birthday was in November, so it's a fab late present!

Me and my girlfriend are here to explode the myth that lesbians don't have wild, furniture breaking, screaming, multiply orgasmic sex, and merely hold hands and read Sapphic poetry to each other. Nah, don't believe ya!!! Got any pics???