Role playing

I love role playing but my hubby isn't into it... I'm wondering how i can get him interested. I have multiple costumes, wigs, and accessories.. Its a shame to let it all sit in a plastic tub. :(

I'd sugest something subtle to start with rather the going in full on with costumes, adopting names and characters etc. Maybe suggest meeting in a pub where no one knows you and pretending to be strangers on a first date. Or. At home you pretent to be the horny avon lady who finds a man alone on his own and you'd like to show him a demonstration of your shower gels or all over body moisturiser. That sort of get the picture.

I would like to try some roleplay and dress up but I've got two problems, firstly my oh is quite shy and always worries about looking silly (I did buy her a nurse outfit partly as a humourous gift as she had been looking after my after I broke my hand she took one look and said I'm not wearing that send it back ) and secondly both of us would have no idea what to do or say

I introduced role play into the sex play with the OH, just a way of spicing things up. For us its normally me, that gets to dressed up and is generally being punished for being bad. It surprised me how much the OH got into this simple little scenario, I enjoy exploring my submissive side and she her dom side.

Any chat is generally straight forward, and as its all indoors , we chatted about it before hand and never looked back, now its the OH coming up with new scenarios. The sex is great and enjoyable for both of us.

This thread might help. Similar question;

My OH had never tried role playing before and I love it! At first he was a bit shy so just ease him into it a bit - I found that talking dirty about what I'd like to do during sex made him want to try it as the fact I was so turned on, turned him on too! Now he's willing to try most things. We like pretending we've never met in a pub or club and have even tried rape fantasies now where he 'kidnaps' me and has sex with me!
Just relax and try to introduce things slowly and just talk about why it turns you on so much - I'm sure once he relaxes he'll enjoy it too xx

I can't remember how we got into role play, but myself and my oh love it. We just use it occasionallly to spice things up. The simplest things can really turn a man on.(men are so simple - I am getting that in before you ladies start).I become speechless with desire if my oh wears a wig which is totally different to her own haircolour and the gives me a blow-job. I almost feel like I am having sex with a stranger(and that is the point)

I would personally start with a just a wig and some nice lingerie. Pretend to be a masseuse and take it from there. Relax him with nice massage and then ask him if he would like any extras. I hope he does. Try to discuss it with him over a quiet drink at a later stage and ask him how he felt about your liittle role play.

Start small and build up. At the end of the day all men like to see their oh excited,fulfilled and satisfied.

This is a great game if you need some help spicing things up.

I think the thing with role play is that people just get nervous about performing. If you are a man this can lead to anxiety and actual problems performing!!

Also read a few stories of men reacting badly to their partner acting like a slut even if it is role play. I think the thing to keep in mind is that its all just a bit of fun and they are living out their fantasies with you which is a big plus!

I have took the lead and explained to him nut he is not receptive to any of it. Maybe i will start simpler...

Role playing is like when you were a kid pretending to be a super hero or doctor, lawyer ext... Just add sex to it. Can be as elaborate or simplistic as you nerf to be to create the illusion of being someone else or being with someone else.
I just don't think my husband was that kind of kid so he doesn't grasp the thought of illusion in that way. Its just like playing.

I remember when i was little i pretended to be rouge from xmen... I would love to do that again but a little kinkier.
Thanks for all the help ill keep you posted on the status.

my Hub and I have tried ab bit of RP, to be fair he wasn't that good to start with, talking after it was apparent that he couldn't get into the swing of talking like we didn't know each other - ie/ it was all too unbeleivable. The last time we did this he actually initiated it by inviting me to come to a job interview and outlined a bit about who i would be.......

needless to say i got the job and now i think we can carry this on - as we've created 2 new personas and a situation.....i'm a PA to his Boss in a casino/hostess club......i gather my duties will be wide and varied :-) .......althiough there are excellent prospects for performance related pay.

Sounds fun... I just recently dyed my hair purple and an rhinking anime rp....

Well i found something he's interested in... The karmasutra lol we found an animated app on google play its quite interesting.. Funny names for some of the positions. Didn't realize how many we have already done.

Neither myself nor my OH are particularly in to role play, mainly I think because of the fear of appearing silly and not really knowing what to do. However one scenario I might be up for (as a RP virgin) is the hooker pick-up.

Meeting up and going to a hotel room for s session of full on, no holds barred sex and then going our separate ways never to speak of the experience (until organising our next secret liaison).

I tried that but not at a hotel i did that at home and i pretended it was a brothel... Was fun

I tried that but not at a hotel i did that at home and i pretended it was a brothel... Was fun