Role Plays with a twist and new ideas request

Hi guys, as you probably all ready know we are very much into roleplays . However I am looking for some new ideas and perhaps some of the more common ones perhaps with a different twist.

What I mean by the common ones is for example Student -Teacher whereby the student normally gets punsihed or is a slutty student who just wants to be played with . So a fresh twist on this common arrangement would be welcomed as with the other more common ones.

For the new ideas ,it doesn't matter if we have or havn't already got the costume for your idea. Part of the fun especially for the Mrs is going out and buying the costume .And part of the fun for me is seeing her in it of course.Usually if a costume isn't commercially avialable then going around Charity shops looking for ideas for improvisation from old clothes is also fun .

Thanks in anticipation for your kind and welcomed assistance .

What about the student overpowering the teacher and giving a spanking or caning

Yes thats a good one I hadn't thought of . Thanks Steve .

That would be me dressing up as the student that could be fun as my OH isn't dominant enough so she would have to be the teacher .

How about total role reversal where your oh dresses you up in women's clothes and lingerie or costumes I.e. French maid and she dresses in yours and you have to be her tart for the night ! Ooosh

brucey15 wrote:

How about total role reversal where your oh dresses you up in women's clothes and lingerie or costumes I.e. French maid and she dresses in yours and you have to be her tart for the night ! Ooosh

I think that would be too risky with a teenage son in the house, and perhaps a bridge too far for my Mrs as well.. TBH I have never really fancied dressing up in womens clothes . Seeing my OH in mens clothes though could be quite a turn on ...................

Others may find that suggestion as useful though .

For Student / Teacher, write her a lesson plan of something she is going to teach you do to her or vice versa. I also love to just dress up in a business suit with something super sexy underneath and negotiate a "deal."

Some of our favourites are :- me student tied down and oh is teacher and gives me simple maths problems to solve. Each time I get one wrong a get a spank - sounds easy but it's damn hard to think properly after a short time with someone geting you really worked up !

Obviously Nurse/patient - oh is patient who suddenly needs a VERY thorough bed bath.

LH rep (me) demonstrating products for a potential customer

Prisoner/officer - one of us imprisoned with handcuffs and rope, other is officer

Sex education - in which of us needs to demonstrate and explain exactly how to do what !

HI Terri THe LH rep one I very much like . I could sneek some new toys that she hasn't seen such as a Rabbit . She always liks me in a suit . I think that comes from my banking days.

I also like Vanessas business suit idea . The problem here again is that my Mrs is too submissive for that role, and for me to negotiate the deal would too much like a busmans holiday. lol.

Having more thoughts about the LH rep one. What do you recommend my OH to wear? I was thinking possibley trousers( not jeans as the material is too thick) as I could demonstrate some the the toys in her crotch area whilst still fully clothed for starters . I am a skirt fan but think it would be too clumsy as it would need hitching up .

I agree - she wouldn't be able to feel much through jeans, - thin trousers or leggings maybe, if you wanted to start with her fully clothed ? Would she be willing to wear crotchless panties underneath - I find it a real turn on if oh decideds to play the rep role and can leave my knickers on whilst "demonstrating" toys, plus it means you can slip a hand inside her trousers to play too without having to remove them. I also like to make sure I'm wearing a shirt/blouse - adds to the naughtiness if buttons can be slowly undone . . . . .

Leggings r great, I wear them alot n I can feel my bfs ever touch .. such a turn on

ummmm what about role playing she is your secretary since she is naturally submissive? We have also role played stripper where if he doesn't have dollar bills I dont keep performing.

Ok then how about getting your oh to bake some cakes/pies obviously filled with custard and lots of whipped cream and you being the bakery boss have to inspect them and of course they don't meet the grade!! Punishment then follows by means of a very sexy food fight with cream and custard filled bras/knickers/stockings etc in the kitchen all good playfull and sexy fun

Sexy librarian? Nothing too complicated in the way of costume , just a skirt , tight blouse, stockings etc.I like to wear my hair up for this cos it looks a bit more professional and glasses so that I can peer over them in a disapproving but sexy way!

She tells you off about your overdue erotic novels ( have one to hand ) and tells you that the thought of you reading such stuff turns her on, then her hands begin to wander inappropriately for a librarian. You can vary this a bit by either her suggesting that you can ’please ’ her to avoid the fine or you saying that you won't tell her boss about her unprofessional behaviour if she lets you punish her in whatever way you see fit.
We haven't done this one for a while - might have to suggest it again soon!

Wildflower I love that idea!

We also play strangers where we literally don't talk to one another during sex. Maybe meet up in a public place.

Nice suggestion Brucey but perhaps a bit messy . If we had a large enough hard floor kitchen and the lad was away then perhaps we would give it a go.

I also like that one Wildflower as it has 2 courses it could take.

Many thanks and keep them coming , I am sure all these suggestions will be suitable for others as well