Scent And Attraction

Love at first scent

by Kelly Hamilton.

Buying perfume can be a daunting task; one of the hardest items on the to-buy list. With all the fragrances available in the market today, going shopping without any idea of what to get is a dizzying mission—especially for women. It can be difficult for lady shoppers to find out the scents that attract men, who actually (whether they admit it or not) are the ones they are shopping for. After all, the sense of smell just may be the most basic method of attraction. Check out our list below for the top scents that attract men.

Clean and crisp
Just like ladies like their partners smelling clean and crisp, so do men find the “out-of-the-shower” smell irresistibly appealing. Perfumes that feature this particular blend of natural and sexy lends a refreshing allure to those who wear it. This will definitely appeal to men who are looking for a laidback kind of girl who is feminine yet low maintenance.

Good enough to eat
For the most part, try to avoid fragrances that are remotely similar to food. After all, you don’t want your man to be thinking of dinner while the two of you are together, do you? However, there are a few of this type of scents that are incredibly delicious in a totally different way. Vanilla is one, and its a common ingredient in many high-end perfumes. It combines sexy and sweet beautifully, successfully conveying sensuality without being too overpowering.

A whiff of the woods
Perfumes that emphasize the musky and earthy scents have the reputation of being too masculine. As a result, it turns women off, since they’re hesitant in using products that will repel men. However, some men actually like the unique blends of spice and musk, especially with faint florals adding a touch of femininity. Grab a bottle of such perfume to catch the attention of guys on the lookout for outgoing girls who aren’t afraid of carving out their own path in the world.

It sounds anything but sexy, but trust us when we say that notes of orange and mandarin is intriguing to passers-by, especially the males. Make sure the fruity scent isn’t too overwhelming, but the right amount can be wildly irresistible. Although it may not be the number one fragrance, many perfumes contain a little citrus to keep it sweet and interesting. This compelling scent will enchant men with a penchant for fun-loving and personable partners.

Color you lavender
Men tend to not like floral scents, at odds with women who prefer primarily floral fragrances. If you are one of these women, opt for lavender over other types of flowers. Lavender is a soft scent that is not too flowery and more low-key than most kinds of perfumes. Often combined with powdery fragrances, this is ideal for those who want to appear feminine and innocent to men.

Perfume secrets
There is something more than just the scents we register in perfumes. Sometimes, a fragrance will pack a secret punch that will just speak to anyone who catches a whiff of it. Pheromones will certainly deliver a good dose of appeal, acting as cupid of perfumes and triggering a positive response in members of the opposite sex. Companies have bottled this natural aphrodisiac into perfumes that both men and women can wear. Newbies can start out with our collection of reputable pheromone perfume vendors if they want to try it out.

Steer clear of…
Strong floral scents. It is not as attractive to men as it is to women. On the contrary, it actually repels them.
Powdery fragrances. On the other hand, too much powder in your perfume will not result in a disastrous date but will not help romance blossom either. Polls suggest too much powder tend to be too youthful and childish for real men.

Chocolate. We never thought we’d be saying this, but chocolate is not always a good thing. When it comes to fragrances, better stick to citrus than chocs.

Christmas is here perfume sales and aftershave sales are high,so no doubt you have bought perfume or aftershave for that special someone, And if not you may be given perfume and aftershave

So this brings me to the question,what scent do you ladies wear,and what scent do you like on a man,And for the men what scent do you wear and what scent do you like on a women.

For me i like Joop on men the scent really attracts me,and does make me quite horny :)

Commercial scented products mess me up big time. Migraines and seizures even. Doesn't attract me or make me at all attractive.

Christmas is always a dangerous time too since so many people have all these new smellies to try out.

Very interesting article Lil'Miss - Mr Scorpius wears Jean Paul Gaultier Le male - it is very sexy and yummy - I wear White Musk oil and perfume from the Body Shop - I don't really get on with strong perfumes as they can give me a headache - I also love Liz Earle No. 15 - it is really spicy and sexy and only made with natural ingredients :) xx

I don't wear perfume anymore, just because it's so expensive. Instead I wear a vanilla body mist in place of it.

And I love something spicy smelling on a man~ Though I'm not particularly fussy. ^^

I agree with Scorpius, very intersting article. I wear Giorgio Armani Aqua di gio, although getting particular hard to find. I also like Dkny be blossom.

I wear floral, oriental, woody fragrances mostly. My current favourites to wear are Gucci by Gucci, Paco Rabanne Black XS, as well as Hugo Boss Deep Red which does have a sense of masculiniy to it. I also love Gucci's Premiere, Guilty Intense, and Guilty Black, but the prices are ridiculous!

Again with male frangrances I also like woody, oriental scents such as Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Invictus, Boss Bottled, and Gucci by Gucci.

Fruity scents, both male and female fragrances, give me a bit of a headache if I'm honest.

As a male, Invictus, Boss Bottled and Acqua Di Gio are by far my favourites.

I wear Fame by Lady Gaga, I'm usually a bit of a fragrance snob and tend to steer clear of celebrity scents, but this particular one is absolutely lovely, and I always seem to get more male attention when I wear it :)

My OH likes Jean Paul Gaultier and Issi Miyaki,if i wear either,i`m on to a winner!

I love Terre D Hermes and Polo Green by Ralph Lauren.