Sex in the desert

Out in the desert of California, on the sands with the starry sky above us. We had spread a blanket on the ground and I was behind my wife doggie style, the traffic carrying on heedless to our ecstasy. With the possible threat of discovery, the sensations were easily doubled. That time there was no need for sex aids, adult movies, or any other aids. Everything was magnified, moans and senses.
It was such an impromptu moment that we even risked it without contraception, but both being responsible adults we knew there was no risks. Every motion became almost animalistic as our ecstasy began to peak, rising to a crescendo of emotion and hormones, driving us both to completion. With everything racing in my head and body, I still had the sense of mind to withdraw before I came, completing over her ass and back, more than I had ever come before.
All the effort and energy spent finally hit me and I collapsed onto the back of my wife, catching my breath in the night air as the coldness started to break in through the heat we had generated. And this was just my second ever time in America.