Sex Toy Addiction

Hi everyone,

I only discovered LH a little while back and this is my first post.

I just have an addiction of keep buying sex toys even if they serve the same purpose.

For example i think i have purchased 6 different bullet vibrators and various anal toys for me and my other OH.

I go alot by product rating and reviews on the product.

When i see something which has a good write up i just want to buy it even though i have something which serves the purpose and is good.

Can you ever have too many sex toys?

I think i need to stop buying now as not really going to be able to use all the toys at once.

Anyone else experienced this?



Kinda look at it as Collecting :)
And variety is good ;)

SO long as you can afford it, I wouldnt worry about it. Just have fun :-)

I have hmmm....too many to count, 3 or 4 drawers full. I dont think I use 70% of them much (As something better is added, something else invariably gets relegated to the bottom drawer) Considering I only have one clit and one vagina I am never going to be able to use them all at once, but thats not the point...see.....

Each toy generally has different feeling vibrations, some shallow, some deep and rumbly, each toy has different sizes or shapes or different textures and yes, you can end up with some that are almost exactly the same as another but in general I use most of my toys at least once or twice every 6 months as I crave a different feeling or texture etc.

I am pretty much a sex toy addict. I say, as long as you can afford it and are not getting into debt or any other bad things happening because of it then whats the harm? Its like collecting really. I would love to have them all out on display in a little row so I could peruse the shelves when I feel a little horny lol. Alas they are sex toys so they are all bagged up to protect them and hidden away in drawers Boooooo!

And for the serious toy collector you need to know how to get the most from your money so Nabz, heres some tips. Find lovehoney on facebook and twitter. They run weekly offers on facebook that are kind of like deal of the day, but usually its something like "Get a free .... when you spend...." and its usually really good. This week you can get a free G Whizz (£19.99) when you spend just a tenner on the site.....

You also probably already know about the Deal Of The Day which changes at midnight every night. And if you hold your curser over the "sex toys" tab you will see a link further down saying "More special offers"

Us addicts got to make the money go further right? :P

Yeah but if we like LH on facebook our friends/relatives see :)

have you never heard the old saying

variety is the spice of life

when i first discovered LH i wanted to buy as many toys as possible, my OH actually made a comment that i was getting addicted to buying toys. But theres nothing wrong with wanting to experiance different sensations. Even if you buy toys that serve the same purpose, the sensation can be different on all of them, have different affects on you or your partner. As long as your not wasting your money or spending more than you can afford :)

I agree with Fluffbags and CorrieA, when I first joined LH for the first six months or so I couldn't stop myself buying toys and ended up spending £50+ every payday. I did however manage to cope with paying my rent, leccy bills and buying food still whilst putting savings aside too so I wasn't overspending my wages.

Nowadays I prefer to save up my money and buy a new toy at the end of the month if there aren't any birthdays or important events that I'm going to. I think in the beginning everyone goes a little crazy at LH Don't worry about it!

I try to buy a bit of everything and not too much of the same thing unless it has a twist. Orrr on special offer lol! I am a sucker for the pretty and novelty stuff too though!
I am por lady though but if you have the money spend it on what you want. If it's "your thing" then do it if it makes you happy. I have loads of clothes but I buy more because it's what I like and I have a very eclectic style so I'm not buying loads of black dresses etc, if its what you like just go for it!! :D

KebertXela wrote:

Yeah but if we like LH on facebook our friends/relatives see :)

I am sure this is true, but I personally didnt give a monkeys but its understandable..

The offers are pretty amazing. Last month I got the Thrust (Worth £40) for spending £20. This week I spent £10 and got a free G Whizz (Worth £20) So its up to you if you think its worth the risk. You can only see the offers if you "like" the LH page though so yeh, I guess people on your list will see it.

I guess LH need to advertise and get their name out just like any other business so it is most probably the reason for that :D

More toys = more variety so happy days x

the good thing with having a wide selection is that there's always a surprise old friend hiding at the bottom of the war ( toy) chest.

have to say off topic but in reply to the heads up about FB deals, that type of thing really hacks me off - when companies have special deals only visible via social type media ( yep you're right i dont do fb/twits etc )......

Hello and welcome.

I know what you mean. I have lot of toys in my collection, but only use several of them regularly. On the otherhand it does give me bit more variety and these days I tend to be a bit picky and only get what I dont have in the collection, yet. But I dont buy another bullet. Unless it would be in sale and it would have an interesting sleeve I could use on my Mia.

Hi all,

Thanks for the replys.

I guess having a wide variety is a plus point and i totally get the bit that every toy has its own different pleasure.

Fluffbags cheers for the heads up on the FB/Twitter deals as i did not know about this at all. I will be spending £10 before the 4th of March to get the free G Whizz. Defos agree we need the money to go a long way :-)

I check deal of the day on a daily basis.

Maybe i will make a thread on fav/recommended toys or we could just continue here?



I think im probably going to end up exactly the same, found the website a few days ago after deciding in a horny moment of empowerment that i deserved a dildo, came looking for a dildo and finally put my order through with a 3 set of butt plugs, that beautiful 13.5 inch monster; the Dick Rambone and a giant tub of lube, then just because i could get better delivery if i spent a little extra i added some nipple clamps.

the stuff only just came today and im already thinking at the back of my mind it might be worth getting some more stuff, maybe something that vibrates this time.

as others have said, variety is good and as long as you can afford it there is no real issue.

Hey don't worry about it, you're enjoying yourself and it's healthy right?

Hey Nabz,

I'm not sure if I'd class it as an addition, but that's because I'm being picky about how addictions work and effect hormones etc.

But I'm a tad obsessed with sex toys. For my first real year into sex toys and shopping for them I spent a good few thousand on products. I think I only own about £600 worth of items now due to some breaking and others being a bit naff.

It's not too bad though, as long as you're enoying it, and not going into debt (I did skip a lot of meals to buy somke toys and I don't recommend it).

Have you every thought about setting up a sex toy review blog to share your experiences on sex toys and get freebies?

I'm doing a talk about it today and would be able to offer some tips if needed.

Check out my blog on my profile and look at other peoples sex toy blogs and see if it's something you'd like to do =)