Sexting (the traditional way!)

I need to pick your (filthy) brains!

Next month, for my OH's birthday, I have booked a short break in Dublin for some real 'one on one time'. Although, I want it to remain a sort of secret, I want to post him a card each Friday with a flirty, sensual clue; a sort of 'snail mail' equivalent to sexting I guess! I like the idea of keeping the cards and using them as the basis of a sort of memory book of our (hopefully) horny and downright dirty time in the Emerald Isle, which you can't do with texts of course.

Problem = I can't find any suitable 'greetings cards' which help to set the scene; pictureque landscapes, cute animals and the like is all I can find.

Solution = Five sexy, sensual and maybe even slightly pornographic (in an 'arty' way) cards for me to write and pop in the post on forthcoming Thursday mornings.

Mission = To help me find something (please).

Ms DW xxx

You could make your own card, the fact that it's handmade will be far more personal and you can pick up some amazing stuff from craft shops to really make the cards look great.

Or you could go on something like moonpig and create something there?

Why not print pictures of your self in something sexy as a preview and write on the back? =D

Just make one! Take some sexy pics. You could make the template on the computer. Either use your own printer or take them to one of those photo printing places where you just put in the SD card and print them out. And just write on the back.

Thanks guys, that was quick!

I dismissed moonpig as thought they wouldn't be quite sensual enough for what I am really after.

But now, I'll go look! Thank you.

try cafe press dot com

Not managed to find anything that fits the bill yet 😠

If I go down the 'do it myself' route, has anyone had any experience of getting 'adult' photos printed from a online developer as I am to shy to go into Asda lol. How 'adult' am I safe to go?

Also ispiration for what to write will be welcomed!

Ms DW xxx

I used to work in a photo developing shop, and you can rest assured it's nothing they won't have seen before. Boots have those machines you can do it on your own at though, although the pics do come up on screen

You can use the machines in Asda, and if you go to a 24 hour one late at night it won't be busy so you'll have some privacy.

Selfies would thrill me . Take some of your self in lingerie. Not total body just some small bits like some of the lovely avatars on here. What man wouldn't be thrilled with them.