Sexy Pregnant women

I find pregnant women are fantastically sexy. My wife and I are finally expecting our first child (after 6 years of trying).

She is extremely sexy and now that she is pregnant, i would love to give her the chance to flaunt her sexiness. However i cannot seem to find any site that offers 'sexy' lingerie for pregnant women. It seems that there is a gap in the market for someone to offer those gorgeous pregnant women, their chance to show off their baby bumps in a sexy way. Pregnant women can (and are) be sexy too.

Can any body suggest ideas?

I wore baby dolls as they are flattering and I felt great in them.

Mamas and Papas



All do lovely pregnant lady underwear.

whilst there's some lovely stuff there, make sure you treat her to a few sleep bras - she'll thank you for it.

I have to agree there is just something sexy about a pregnant woman,They look fantastic.

baby dolls are good, try camis too, can even try bravissimo for a bigger size, not everything has to be maternity wear to look good. Infact, in my 2 pregnancies, I found normal wear looked better x

I think any babydoll that is free flowing from the bust down is perfect for pregnant women. Although, there may be preferences on the actual fabric and colour etc. When pregnant, some women are more sensitive to how some clothing feel.

I'm not sure what size your partner is but there are lots of options in even the plus size category like-

If she's in the lower range of sizes you can look through this category-

Good luck!

When I was pregnant the only decent maternity lingerie I found was HOTmilk... although their current range isn't as nice as it was back in 2009

You're right there definitely a real lack of nice maternity lingerie.. not all of us want to wear bridget jones pants and tent bras for 9 months

There is nothing "wrong" with normal underwear they just advise pregnant women avoid wearing bras with underwire. The above advice of babydolls is great!

Congratulations FireMonkey - I have to agree with you about pregnant women being extra sexy - my wife was even sexier than normal when she was pregnant - and HOTmilk do have some sexy lingerie and nightwear ;) - there's also which has some nice lingerie too...

Lovely special time. You might like They have some lovely sexy camisoles, nightwear, etc which look fabulous and are also comfy and the kind of thing your wife may still like to wear when she is in the later stages! Elle McPherson makes some very sexy maternity lingerie, try, but it is expensive! Maybe as a special treat. I remember my OH thought I looked very sexy, I just felt huge and uncomfortable so appreciated being told.

I'm afraid I don't have any answers that haven't already been said, but I just wanted to say congratulations to your and your OH, FireMonkey! Good things come to those who wait! :)

I didn't feel the tiniest bit sexy whilst pregnant with my three but my husband was like a bitch in heat, may have been the bra size increase and the size my nipples got to but he did control himself very well. He did buy me nightdresses and sexy underwear in bigger sizes but also nursing bras and nightbras to keep me comfortable( think he liked the idea of unclipping them so he could get to my nipples easier).