Share your Sex Tip

Share only one sex tip per post. Mine is I play with my wife until she cums then penetrate her. It’s extra wet and tight post orgasm and occasionally she will cum a second time. Awesome 😎

In winter time use a V V lozenge in your mouth πŸ‘„ when going down on your lady or guy if you are in a same sex relationship, it fairly heats up proceedings. Lol πŸ˜‚?

Anticipation, anticipation... that's work wonders as you get the mind on the game which makes the experience more fulfilling.

Guys, it isn't all about the orgasm. Work up to it, don't go in for the kill straight away (so to speak).

Arouse the mind and the body will follow........ :)

Oh yes! Arouse the mind. Sexting is amazing, and I second anticipation anticipation too

Communication is key to all things sexual

Go slow take your time its not a race.

Nipples ! Suck them, pinch them, bite them just don't forget them !

My girlfriend loves it when I'm in so deep it's grinding her clit, then I start whispering dirty ideas in her ear. She comes really quickly - so sexy for me!

At the end of a Clitoral orgasm, press a finger on her clit with some medium pressure Restricting blood flow (I'm guessing) prolongs orgasm (in all the women I've tried it on) You'll know when to release when she pushes u away!

When making love doggy style. It really turns on my wife if I start to finger her bum hole. You do need lube or saliva to do this without pain.

Just happened last night, was going down on my wife, with her kneeling riding my face, she slid forward and I licked her bum, accidentally. She moaned and ground down so hard I kept going. She remarked after that she never thought she would like it and it was a whole new sensation. Needless to say she got another good rimming this morning. So hot.

Explore her body and take your time doing it! I've found that a lot of previous partners haven't taken their time to find the spots that really get me going. Very few have discovered that kissing my lower tummy and hips drives me crazy.

I love it when my man rubs his penis along my vulva. The feeling of anticipation before he penetrates me is indescribable!