silk and satin

is it me or do men feel so much nicer in womens panties?? i love the look and the feel and thankfully my fella likes it 2!!!!

Personally it isn't for me. I think men in silk boxers is nice though. But I don't think my bf will go for that, he'd rather go commando.
But hey tsnpaisley... it wouldn't do if we all liked the same thing!

if i found hubby with my undies on i would freak... lmao... But I wear his boxers sometimes... strange how I dont mind the other way around ^_o

Funny that Laynie was just thinking the same LOL. I have quite a few pairs of boxers style and have been know to knick some of OH if I have run out, but seeing him in mine is the stuff my nightmares are made of!

I didnt think I would be alone there..I know loads of woman that wear their partners undies..

i'm the same as the last couple of people..i love wearing 'boy pants' when the mood strikes and my boyfriend thinks its really sexy when i wear his boxers :D but as much as i get turned on by wearing satin and silk, seeing my boyfriend in them wouldn't be more of a nightmare than a turn-on. But as iluv2kissu says it would be boring if everyone liked the same things..x

oops that's meant to be would instead of wouldn't :D

i wasnt sayin i dont like him in the buff or in boxers.. i just like the tautness ov my pants round his fat cock!!!

yeah hun... but fat cocks look better in the nud... but you have food something you like and if your man is willing enjoy.

I much prefer my man in women's knickers too, especially satin ones. I wouldn't be happy sharing mine, though -- he's got his own load!

Heh. I tend to steal my partner's underwear when I've got my period. They tend to have extra room in the crotch for a pad and I don't mind staining the hell out of someone else's drawers. You can see why I am much sought after with the gentlemen. :)

As to wearing mine...I don't have a big problem with it, except I don't wear panties very often. A man would be hard pressed to enjoy my selection. I tend to find that men wear themselves out on the sensation of silk, though, so I wouldn't expect him to wear them long.

It's not for me personally, if I found my bf in my Agent Provocateur knickers I'd run out of the room :p

me too :D id rather he bought them for me :D

Can see the humour in it though lol my man is so butch if I saw him in my undies I think I would die of laughing :S LOL :'D *cracks up thinking about it*

If i saw my man in my knickers I think I'd cll the mantal hospital :P
That is just SO not him!

Tho I'm concidering buying a couple of satin boxers "for him" for x-mas :D

i think my bf would freak out completely even at the thought of satin boxers..hes a big fan of it on me but i really dont think it'd suit him!! lol

he likes wearing sexy means underwear - have a look at he thinks hom and olaf benz are the best makes.

he has also been known to wear my knickers - i dont mind as long as he gives them back!

I'd be too busy laughing my tits off if my bloke wore my knickers to even consider if they were sexy or not. Then again, I'm a size 10 and he's a chubby hunny, so he couldn't anyway.

I don't think I'd find it sexy, but I wouldn't mind him doing it if thats how he got his kicks- they'd be taken off for sex anyway!

I've worn hers from time to time, a very sexy feel and pretty dirty in a humiliating kind of a way. I love the way a lace g-string tickles my arse. I can't understand how women aren't driven constantly wild by wearing lace g-strings. Maybe they are and just don't let on!

my fella my pants my god nooooo way