Sites for showing photos

Can anyone recommend any sites where we can share our naughty photos for comments etc?


My dirty hobby - put photos and vids up and makes you money too :)

why not twitter? we put our twitter feed on our details,always happy to see such lovely sights

could get a few of us wanting the same type thing to share on twitter,seen a few with twitter feeds

Xhamster is my choice or fetlife, both have privacy settings too.

not heard of that

Try Watchersweb, has good selection of all shapes and sizes. Has a soft core site which is free to all, but watchersweb is more hardcore, but costs about £30 a year.

Reddit have hotwife sections and *I think sub forums where you could upload other kind of pictures.

Twitter also springs to mind, I put a few on on there myself (and follow fellow LHers) but yeh Twitter might be the best option for what you're looking for comment wise.

Xtube :)

All these new sites to check out lol

Twitter, swingers sites, Fetlife


Be careful where you host your pics.

My partner and I decided to explore an exhibitionist side for a while sharing photos of herself in and out of naughty outfits. We soured on it eventually because the community of the site we used (xhamster) were a very immature bunch, I'm not saying they were rude, we just don't suffer fools.

After leaving the site, I would occasionally use tineye to look for any of our images, in case any were stolen and resposted elsewhere. Found 3 of our photo sets on a Russian image host site where the members had free access to the first 4 and then had to pay for the rest of the images.

After some fun with Google translate and conversing with the site admins they took them down, but it really put us off ever doing it again. Which I'll admit was a shame because the attention she got was a huge turn on for both of us!

Be careful what you are prepared to show!

i understand. is just nice to be able to show a few pics that are not suitable for this site,must be others like us who enjoy looking :)

Xhamster is ok,if you get trollish comments you can block the offenders,plus only show pics to `Friends` that way YOU keep control of who sees what.

i understand,is nice to be able to show a few pics that are not suitable for this site tho. twitter is quite good for it if anyone wants to share with us. our twitter ad is on our profile

Agree with AJ82. If you still go ahead, Twitter, Instagram, Xhamster,tumblr, facebook...