So have you ever played that game where you write a list of things you would like to do

To get us in the swing of things and to have alot more fun we each wrote down a list of things we would like to do together and a list of things we would like the other person to do

Ive got the most naughtiest ideas out of the two of us hehehe

So how it goes is my g/f will pick one thing to do from my list,then the next time we want to do something it would be my turn to pick something from her list

It doesn't have to be from the start of the list what ever we see on the list and we fancy doing we do it

somethings from my list

Go out for a meal without any underwear on me wearing trousers that you would see if i had a hard-on and for you to wear something that would be noticeable if you was getting wet

Go out for a nice drive park up somewhere sit in the back and kiss touch

that was the ones for us to do together,not to exciting but thats a start,of course ive wrote very naughty things,but im keeping those things for me and the g/f no one else will see lol