So, i don't think this is normal,,,,

Don't worry Sum Sub, this isn't about fetishes or kinks, i know you hate those threads.

But I don't think my body responds in a very normal way. whenever i decide to masturbate, every single time as i'm picking toys, my body responds by giving the signals of constipation. Intense stomach pains, gas, feeling like i need the toilet, but i know i don't because i only masturbate in the shower, right after using the toilet. At first i thought it was a coincidence but even after going weeks without, assoon as i decide to, same thing flares up. I also have problems with dildos and internal vibrators. I can put a dildo in and leave it stationary just for the full feeling (although it takes longer to orgasm and dulls them) but if i try to move it in an out, i't makes me feel like i really need the loo and am about to have a bowel movement. The same goes for if i try to use an internal vibrator, even stationary as soon as the vibrations start it just feels like i need the toilet and like i will do so involuntarily. From how everyone else on here describes sex and masturbation feeling, I'm honestly concrned there's something wrong with me.

Have you had constipation before?

You need to get yourself checked out with a lady doctor . It could even be something as trivial as a bout of IBS.

mysteron wrote:

You need to get yourself checked out with a lady doctor . It could even be something as trivial as a bout of IBS.

+1 but after having a quick read of your profile I'm wondering if this could be psychological rather than a physical problem ? x

Have you seen a doctor and been diagnosed with IBS or anything like that? I'm not sure if that may have an effect.

I can say from experience that having sex or masturbating when I need a number 2 (sorry guys!) is very uncomfortable like you've described. However, I never get that feeling unless I need the toilet, it's not a normal sensation I'd encounter during penetration.

I'm not sure what to suggest except for getting checked out by a GP/Gyno, just to put your mind at rest really. It could just be that you're stressed or feeling tense, especially if you've had that feeling once before by coincidence and your brain now associates it with masturbation every time. The fact you say you start to get stomach pains and signals of constipation even if you're just picking out a toy says to me that this could be a psychosomatic problem, as the muscles of the GI tract often spasm in response to subconscious stress.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope you manage to figure it out soon xx

I have experienced constipation occasionally but i'd only ever go for masturbation after using the toilet fully, so i'm pretty sure it isn't constipation as i am regular. (sorry for the TMI)

I'm thinking it is more likely psychological, tbh. When i was 5 i had all sorts of tests done as i started complaining to my parents i never felt like i'd fully emptied my bladder when going to the toilet, i was checked for twisted bowel/intestines, defects, blockages, infections, they found absolutely nothing physically wrong with me, but it triggered toilet related OCD that i've struggled with my whole life, although the incomplete voiding feeling has always been urinary only.

My absolute biggest fear in the world is incontinence, thinking about it, it was only ever urinary incontinence i was worried about but lately i have started ruminating on the worry of becoming fecally incontinent. I'll definitely get in contact with my very understanding doctor (i only manage to leave the house on very rare occasions, she's been wonderful and does consults over the phone for me) and see what she suggests. Thankyou guys :)