"Sold as a novelty toy" is that bad?

Okay, in brief, I've bought a butt plug and deliberately opted for a silicone one as I'd been advised they were safe. Now it's arrived though the print on the packaging states "sold as a novelty toy". I know they put this on phalate toys to get around the safety issue and make out you shouldn't use it anally so is that also the case for this silicone toy?
Wanted to use it tonight so I'd appreciate your advice

Depends on where you bought it. If it came through LH then you should have no concerns. If however it was a cheap toy from China etc then you should think twice before using it.

It was purchased via a large (what I thought was reliable) competitor to Love Honey but the packaging does say made in China

Silicone is safe, if it's real silicone. Many toys are made in China as they have lots of huge production plants over there, but that doesn't mean that all of the cheap toys that come out of that country are unreliable or unsafe.

The novelty use only labeling doesn't mean it shouldn't be used or it's unsafe either. It's actually for exporting reasons most of the time, rather than creating a loophole to sell unsafe, toxic and phthalate infested products like the rumours suggest. If you're still unsure then I would search for Dangerouslilly's blog as she has done a great two part post about what this actually means.

You'll find the same wording on the majority of sex toy packaging, so I wouldn't let that put you off.

Thanks that's reassuring! Wish me luck! My butt plug virginity is soon to be lost

Good luck! Hope you have a great night :)

The statement is more so the manufacturer cannot be sued over its use rather than a warning about its use.

Quiet ones are worse! wrote:

The statement is more so the manufacturer cannot be sued over its use rather than a warning about its use.

+1. A lot of 'adult' toys say this on the packaging xx

How did u get on slink?

Most sex toys, especially those manufactured outside the UK, have a description that states 'For Novelty Use Only' and/or 'For External Use Only'.

Although perfectly safe for internal use, these statements must be marked on the products to avoid scrutiny by FDA as they see these as medical devices. All "pleasure" products are marked this way. There is absolutely no reason to worry about using it as you wish.

It also helps the products to get through customs much quicker in countries where sex toys may be frowned upon or prohibited.

I hope this helps!

S :-)

Started out reading this and thinking 'I got one of those in a mistery hamper' exactly the same as the one that I purchased with my first ever order, and wondered about sending you my 'spare'...

Glad you found out its (probably) ok afterall.

How'd it go?