Solo Play: Edging techniques and toys


I have been trying edging on and off over the last year or so, i find i just cant do the stopping and starting if i'm using the old way of masturbating with my "hand" I do have a buzzing toy its like a cock ring but its not, but its on its last legs and LH stopped selling it a long time ago, its called a vibraexciter. I'm asking what do you use and do, doesn't matter if you are male or female as i would like to know what both sexes do for edging, i really want to carry this on.

Also how long do you stop for and how long do you go for. How long can you carry on the edging for?

Just looking for tips on all about it for extra different fun i have been doing the old ruin your orgasm as well, so with my buzzing toy when i am just about to cum i will stop the buzzing and just let it out without the nice buzzing feeling.

My goal will be to make a interesting edging video for my OH.

Have you tried searching for guided masturbation porn? A lot of that seems to lend itself to edging. Literotica has some great audio stories like this one:

No, Cant say i have searche don the net about it, I thought i would ask here to get tips.