Spicing up vanilla games:ideas?

Lockdown led to purchasing a Wii on eBay and the fab family game, Wii Party. Something about watching little Mii versions of ourselves was a big turn on so I decided to try spicing it up with “winner of each mini game wins a treat of their choice”. This has been a massive success and rebooted (or even given rise to) our sex lives and sexual awareness (and giving loads of money to LH!)

What do other couples do with regular games to spice things up?


Fantastic idea, tbh we don’t really play games so can’t add anything I’m afraid.

Though he has just taught me how to play poker lol :joy:

I once suggested playing strip uno lol

Not a vanilla game but have a cheap set of sexy dice, that and we do strip poker.

We did strip 500 once years ago with dares once you got down to nothing, but she wimped out at the first dare (I wanted to watch her masturbate for x2 minutes and that was a no go back then) so we didn’t go much further.

We also have a wheel of fortune type app on my phone that we’ve used a few times with different activities. Ours is aimed at the kinkier side of things, but no reason why you can’t make up your own activities for it.

You could look at some of Lovehoney’s games for couples, theres dice, cards, board games etc


Hey, what’s the wheel of fortune type app you use?

Its called “tiny decisions”, is ios app. It comes with a pre-loaded version to choose whats for dinner, but you can create your own wheel with as few or as many options as you like.

I have thing on ours like “perform oral for 2 mins”, “full body massage 5 mins”, “massage boobs 2 mins”, “orgasm of your chosen method” etc

I also have a few bdsm type activities in there too, but you are only limited by your imagination (or any other yes/no activities)


We haven’t played any games yet but perhaps you could devise something with one of the decks of erotic Tarot cards. Like recreate a scene or pose, act it out or photograph it. You could remove any cards you don’t like but Tarot has 78 in a deck so that should leave plenty, or mix decks if you can find ones the same size - they vary a lot but there’s more chance with two from the same publisher. :mage:t2:.

My OH particularly likes suggesting the rewards, and doing that is great for encouraging us to be vocal about what we want. There’s also a bit of an edge around who’s going to take it to the next level first (me) :slight_smile:

The other thing we’ve done is use the app Kindu, to help generate a list of things we’d both like to do. Then a prize for any game can be to pick something from the list :slight_smile:

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