Squirting dildos with foreskin

Hi I don’t suppose anyone can recommend a good quality and reasonably priced dildo that squirts and/or has retractable foreskin? I’m guessing a dildo that has both isn’t very common though...? Thanks

Shame I never got a reply to this. Was about to start a new thread asking the same question.

I really want to practise sucking cock. I absolutely love trans girls and plan on visiting trans escorts if/when I can, so would like some blowjob practise. Plus, the thought of sucking one whilst masturbating sounds hot! :relaxed:

We never had tools to practice back in my day, we just got to the job in hand (or mouth) lol
Not sure if you are a penis owner yourself, but if you are you are already ahead of the game and know what feels good.
But seriously, can’t help with the toy thing, but someone suggested on another thread Layla Martin’s website. Have had a look there today and heaps of info on techniques for BJ and penis massage

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I am a penis owner, yeah. :grin: Well, the first trans escort I visited, I messed up due to anxiety and just being clumsy and accidentally used my teeth a few times, much to her protests. :sweat: So I would like practise and preparation to avoid screwing up in future. Plus, I imagine simulating oral with a toy whilst masturbating would make for quite an arousing experience. :relaxed:

I’ll check the site out though. Thanks.

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This 6inch one has a moving foreskin but doesn’t ejaculate, there’s also an 8 inch version:

Here is a link to all the ejaculating dildos available although I don’t think they have foreskins:

Thanks for the links. Though I am familiar with the one available on Lovehoney. I was sorting of hoping for recommendations… further afield. From other sites. The options are a bit limited here. :sweat_smile: That’s why I was hoping, if anyone has any experience with them, what else might be worth looking into.

I guess what I’m after might be a bit niche though. :grin:

The foreskin dildos in general don’t appear to get rave reviews. As a side note, any of the “real feel” ones do have skin that moves along the shaft, which is probably most important. Another question u may want to ask is which white cum lube is best wrt realistic taste. The LH clear lube (unflavored stuff) actually has quite mild taste for non-flavoured. It’s not harsh and dosent leave a horrible aftertaste. I presume thier white version may be similar :person_shrugging:

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Sorry, we can’t provide suggestions from other companies, it’s against the forum rules.

As you said, I don’t think it’s very common and I’ve not seen one anywhere before. You could suggest it in the pander to me thread and maybe LH will stock one in the future.

Thanks for the advice on the lube. If and when I ever do get an ejaculating one, it’s something I’ll have to keep in mind. :slight_smile:

Ah. I figured as much. Okay.

And thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to use that thread for any future products I find that I’m interested in.