Just a quick question when you squirt is a full blown gush or a trickle reason for asking I have had both

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I think its the same as male ejaculation… it depends on the person and circumstances.
I can do either. I find it can change all according to how turned on I am

@Kh1985 its seems the.more turned on.i.am.the bigger the squirt. Which.leaves.me shaking and holding.my p…sy

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Totally unpredictable and uncontrollable in our house.

Sometimes she squirts uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Sometimes she can have mind blowing orgasms without a trace.

Sometimes she squirts large quantities of clear liquid. Sometimes she ejaculates a small quantity of a milky liquid rather like semen. Sometimes, like this morning, both.

It’s almost always through clitoral stimulation alone but this morning she was using the We-Vibe which stimulates the G spot too.

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Usually a trickle leading to a gush. I’ve only projectile squirted once and it went straight in hubby’s eye :sweat_smile:


It can be either or somewhere in between. Often depends more on how hydrated I am than anything else.

My wife has had both

I think everyone is different and a lot has to do with hydration and build up etc. My wife only ever does a small spray, enough to wet my hand but not past my wrist if that makes sense. However I’ve had ex’s that have sprayed a good foot or so and others that dribble out. They will also enjoy different things so the same technique won’t work the same for each person so it’s not an exact science :joy: as long as you’re both having fun :man_shrugging:t2:

Same here, always begins with a trickle followed by the uncontrollable torrent :sweat_smile:


@Blonde_Bunny hi hope your keeping well and safe? I am the same just a dribble then an uncontrollable gush uts so intense I have to hold my .p…y whilst it happens

Depends on how turned on I am really, it’ll start off as a little trickle and then it’ll just gush there’s no stopping it :joy: it’s so intense sometimes through what he does to me

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A think it depends on how intense the sex for foreplay it at the time…my girlfriend gushes sometimes just a little bit x


Hello everyone. My wife has never squirted. We never talked about it before. She wants to learn how. She’s 60 years old sexy and beautiful. I just want to know if age is a factor in being physically able to. Help.

My wife is almost 69 and started squirting and ejaculating about a year ago. It’s been well worth the wait :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s what I want to hear. We are patiently waiting on the big event hopefully soon. Congratulations to you both. :+1:

My wife does both some times it’s a little drop and like last night it was a gush she even got my feet last night. I think it all depends on the mood an how stimulated they are a bit like a man I can feel from how stimulated I am to how I’m going to shoot

I guess it depends on how long it’s been since you last masturbated as if you’ve been quite a while then your more likely to have a build up to explode out rather than someone who masturbates every day…

It used to be a bit of a trickle like the tap being turned on. Now its a gush, I’m incredibly turned on by my current partner and I can only assume thats the reason for the change.

The first ever time;I sprayed about a foot forwards, where as every time since it’s been more of an uncontrollable gush and I end up laying in a puddle :joy: