stocking for large thigh

I wear marks and Spencer extra large stockings as these fit my large thigh without rolling down but I'd like to wear a different make of stocking does anyone know of a company that makes stockings for big thighs?

Kc xxxx

have you looked at LH sell a selection of plus sized stockings that you can always return if they don't fit

I've heard that Leg Aveneu carries the but I haven't heard good things. I also have large thighs so I know what it's like to try and find something that works. The ones that you found, do they go past your knees because I have that issue a lot.

What kind of size? You could maybe look on bravissimo. Or like said above lhs plus size ones x

The M&S ones are the only hold ups I can wear, my thighs are huuuuge! These stockings are a great size, but you need suspenders with them. I don't recommend leg avenue, they are quite small sizing.

Asda george sell opaque hold ups in extra large, they are quite long and have a good thick silicone band so stay up, just avoid there other stocking as there all to short and will only just go a few inches above the knee.