Straight guys who love anal play

I'm a straight guy who loves anal with my wife both giving and receiving with toys. Not into guys at do nothing for me but I love strap on and watching beautiful thick shemales ramming guys ass's, girls wearing strap ons, fisting etc. . How do other guys who love pegging, strapon sex feel about shemale and strap on fantasies.

I would be cautious about using the term 'shemale' as it can be offensive to some. There are tons of threads about pegging and males who love anal play, you can find them by using the search bar above :)

It's just a question about having shemale fantasies as a straight male. Just wondered how others into anal play felt about tgirls but are not gay or into men.

Me and my OH are both into anal play and he loves me pegging him. I have always liked watching T girls on porn and it is one of my fantasies to sleep with one with my OH. I have recently got my OH into watching it with me on a porn site we watch and he now feels the arousal and shares my fantasy too. He is obviously straight (although dabbled with a guy in the past so he is bi in a way) but likes the idea of being taken by a T girl.
If you look on other threads as NatandTom suggests there are others out there also- I posted my fantasy on a thread relating to people's fantasy and I was not alone!

I just find the female form is my only interest but even with a into most things apart from anything male related. Just found it intriguing to see if guys like me who love anal play thought the same. I'm sure a lot wouldn't admit to it but I think it's so horny to watch. Nothing I've seen ever shocks me. I just think good sex is what it is. O think it's been hard for men to admit to liking anal play without thinking they are gay. It's a strange feeling not liking men but wanting to be fucked with strap ons or a tgirl.

I am a fan of T-girls that are drop dead gorgeous ladies with a bonus and have tried having sex with them .If you have never had a real one up you just beware they do not give and flex like a toy and can be a challenge but when the 'girl' is pounding you in full make up and heels you just have to take it !

Indeed I have seen such stunning t girls. I still see them as woman with something extra. I agree with you when she is all dressed in stockings I think plenty guys would love being pounded by a t girl. If your wife or partner is into strapon then your a lucky man but plenty straight guys might not see any anal action. It would help if we were more open minded when it comes to sex and peoples sexual preference. I don't think there is any wrong with men enjoying tgirl fantasy or encounters. It's a shame there is so much stigma attached to the subject. We love to pigeon hole ourselves in society.

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