T girls

Big Hello to all the T Girls out there and and general Lingerie lovers.

Just placed another great order with Love Honey. The live chat is so helpful. Especially when choosing a tight PVC dress.

Nice T girl, what have you ordered? Im expecting my order tomorrow but no lingerie this time round. Iv have a wet look piece on my wishlist i will be saving for (not a t girl myself just love lingerie too) xx

Hi Choconala , Just ordered a Wet look black mesh mini dress. A Black lace bra and a few pairs of Briefs. Aways love the arrival of my Lovehoney. Can't wait to try the dress on. Thankyou for your lovely comments. Yes we all love Lingerie. xx

Welcome 👋

...what's a t girl?

Hi & welcome to the forum. If you want to talk about your recent orders, there's a dedicated thread for this here - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/sex-toys/1420690-your-latest-purchases/page-24/#p1482159

SquirtyPanda, T girl means a transgender/transexual girl :)

Ooh! Thanks


Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Sounds like a good order hope you enjoy! Xx

Hi :) welcome to forums. Enjoy you new lingerie sounds lovely. x

Hello, and welcome to the forums :) xx

Hello and welcome to the forums :)

Hi there. Welcome to the community. Your order sounds great x

Hi T girl and welcome.

I'm not a t girl, love to X-dress but definitely still not "out". My OH knows and doesn't mind but it doesn't do it for her, she prefers my masculine personna.

Just got the seven 'til Midnight wet-look garter belt and some nice sheer seamed black stockings. Hence the new profile pic. Are you gonna post a pic of you in that PVC dress?

Hi welcome to the forum

Hello and welcome! I assumed the T was for toys so I have learned something today! Xxx

Gem276 wrote:

Hello and welcome! I assumed the T was for toys so I have learned something today! Xxx

+1 Hey T-girl. Welcome to Lovehoney. I'm sure you'll love it here as much as the rest of us 💟xx

Hi and welcome

Hi thanks everyone. Looking forward to chatting to all. Cannot wait to try the dress, due tomorrow . Yes may post the pics.