Testosterone for women in menopause

Hello …we haven’t spoken before but I’m on a menopause page on another site. Most important thing is getting a supportive GP. Also knowledge before you go into your appointment as some of these meds are not available on prescription as a rule and it may be worth you finding out ahead of time to help any discussion. It can feel like a minefield and a battlefield sometimes trying to get help with menopause, hope you are able to access what will help you best.


Hi, and thank you. I have a supportive GP and I’m well-read about all things menopause.
My requirements are all on repeat prescription.
The tostran sachets are annoying - very hard to get a reliable dose of gloop.
The main thing for hrt in the uk at the moment seems to be stock issues. My regular pharmacist says it is like gold dust.
I know this is denied by health ministers but it really is an issue. If there is a break in using the tablets / patches it can cause bleeding, which then needs to be investigated - what is really needed is a steady supply once women are settled on their regimen.


Not sure if it’s a localised shortage as my OH has been getting a regular supply of patches with no issues.

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Hello again, and good - glad your OH has what she needs. No issues here either with usual hrt now, but it seems to vary. Patches ok but the body-identical utrogestan can be variable.

I’m on Oestrogel, have the Mirena (NHS) and have introduced Androfeme (via private menopause specialist). I have much stronger orgasm’s now but libido is still a bit hit and miss (though miles better than before). Definitely worth the cost.

Quick tip, my specialist suggested a small set of jewellery scales to weigh out my Androfeme precisely. Got some from Amazon, a tenner. No waste and I know it’s the correct amount