The big o

What is the fast time you have had an orgasam Mine was just under 2 mins using a new toy

I can literally get there in seconds with a wand on my clit but prefer to be edged until I can't take it anymore.

Mr LNT is very good at this but not sure he even knows he's doing it lol

Couldn't be more than twenty seconds (I think, I wasn't counting) with a bullet vibe when I've not have sex in ages.

Just over a 1 min

Less than a minute with my Satisfyer. It usually takes me a while so I was in shock and awe, haha.

About 30 seconds

5Hi lovingnewtoys just purchased a wand it is so cool

Probably about a minute maybe not even that

Womanizer = less than a minute.

Less than a minute with the Doxy Die Cast, We-Vibe Tango, Womanizer Premium, Lelo Nea 2 and Satisfyer Pro 2!

No toys involved about 5 mins.... but with my wand less than a min šŸ¤—

never put a stop watch on,

It can literally be around 2/3 minutes if I am using the right toy in the right spot.

Toyless session around 5 minutes, fleshlight or similar around 2 minutes šŸ˜…

solo session with a toy, around 2 mins, foreplay and then toy literally about 10-15 seconds haha!

Bout 30s when I first used my fleshlight Still felt amazing wen I cum :0

Solo session with Lelo sona only took about 30 seconds on the first time, total shock šŸ˜€

A few seconds with my wand especially if I've not had an orgasm for a while & it's then way more intense so worth the wait!

Within a minute or two if Iā€™m in the mood and got my new batteries in my rabbit. šŸ˜‚

Less than a minute using a clitoral suction toy or wand.