The Delivery...

Hi :)

I'm currently in university and sharing a flat with a friend and three guys. I want to order this:

but i'm terrified of my roommates finding out. I've heard one person say that they were embarrassed as they could feel what was inside the brown package and it didn't hide it at all, but that was just one compared to all the positive reviews i've heard.

I just want to double check, there is no way of my roommates knowing what it will be? Last time it was fine, but i lived in halls so i collected it myself from the uni reception and hide it in my bag until i came back. My roommates are more likely to recieve it this time.. so i'm just wondering.

Thank you.

When I ordered this

it came in a jiffy bag and was obvious what was inside. My postman gave me a massive grin that day.

If you order more than one thing it should come in a box so you won't have that problem.

I have what you are going to order, it comes in quite a big box so it is likely they will send it in a box :)

There is never anything on the box that will indicate what is in it or where it has come from

It's in a box inside the packaging and LoveHoney stuff is always very well packaged, so you should be fine unless the open the parcel

No chances are it'll be in a plain brown box and inside LoveHoney usually pack it with paper and the vibrator will be in it's own box so they won't know from shaking it.... if they do then they must of been a brat at xmas....

The picture shows that it comes in a box so you shouldnt be able to tell what it is even if its in a jiffy bag. The only way they could tell is if the have ordered from here themselves as the address lable on the front of the packaging does show where its from if you know what to look for x

Hiya Sara02J - this toy comes in a box - then in a jiffy bag - so they won't know what is in inside unless as Lola_lou said they have bought from here - they really wont know :) xxx

You could add on a gift box, then it will come in a brown box and not a Jiffy bag. Then you get a pretty box too!!

The vibrator will come in a box anyway, inside a padded envelope, wrapped in packing paper, so there's a no way they can tell.

If you have a look on here, it will tell you everything you need to know :)

I agree with MrsMcX, order a gift box then it will definitely come in a box :)

Our LH orders have always come in boxes; but then again we do order a few things at once; why not have a look around and add a few more things to your basket

Don't worry. Unless your flatmates actually open your post it should not be a problem. If they do, pretty sure the boys will be more embarrased than you!!

you're flat mates wont have a clue what you've bought unless they are in the habbit of opening your mail something like what you want to buy will be boxed wrapped in a lot of paper and put in a jiffy bag if it's too big for a jiffy bag or you add something else to your order it'll come in a brown box that doubles up as storage

I'm also at uni, sharing a house with 7 other people. They only know what kind of post I get because I give whoever is going to be in if I'm out stirct orders on not to miss my post, and come skipping home to open it. If I hadn't have told them they would never have guessed! I think when you know what's inside it's a lot easier to imgine everyone else finding out as well. But as others have said, if you're really not happy with a jiffy bag, why not gift box it, or get some lube and cleaner while you're there?

I have received items in jiffy bags but I couldn't really tell what's inside, let alone anyone else. If anyone else knew what it is, then they probably order from LH themselves.

Thank you everyone, i feel much better now :)

And thank you delilahxx for your experience, my last one came in a brown envelope so i'm happy this one might come in a box :)

I ordered it a couple of weeks ago. It came in a brown packing box not a Jiffybag, and it is in its own box anyway so should be OK even if in a Jiffybag.

Hey, it's rare we ever receive anything from Lovehoney in a jiffy bag... anything 'suspect' haha usually comes in a box. Might even be worth asking them to double box it.

I've only recieved underwear in an envelope type mailer - everything else has come in a box :)