The Lords Prayer

My vibro which brings me Heaven,
Rabbit be thy name
Till kingdom come,
Thy makest me come,
On earth with eyes on Heaven
Give me this day my daily thrill
And forgive me my screams
As I forgive you flat batteries
Lead me not into temptation
But deliver me from frustration
For thine is the rotation
The power and the buzzing
Foever and ever, no men.

lol, fantastic, thank you. :)

I like it, nice one ;)

*giggles* Very nice.

thats a good one have read it before as was sent it from my unit organiser for ann summers so miss them as no longer a rep


That is too funny, I really love it... It would be nice to have more like that.

another addition to the funtime book lol

ha ha ha just brilliant will have to pass that on LOL

Now thats the best prayer I have said in a long time :p

That's a prayer I can believe in!

Errr I'm not religious, but even I wouldn't edge my bets like this!

I wonder why we haven't heard from her in so long!!???

Because it's 2006 and should probably ahve remained in the crypt!