Un named freebie

As a result of the lastest "sex tips" competition I recieved a absolutly brilliant "rampent rabbit" style vibrator from the gang at Lovehoney, it came poly wrapped but unboxed with no indication of even what brand it is ?? When I enquired I was told that as they did'nt stock this particular item I would'nt be required to review it ...just enjoy !! Well all I can say is that where ever it came from and no matter how much it retails at its worth every penny !! Although much smaller than the "Wave" it more than compensates in other ways......and the vibrations on the rabbit ears mmmmmmmm yes well lets just say its the first time I've had a sore clitty......but god was it worth it...YES !!! Could'nt be more delighted....just cursious about the manufactor though ? If OA/LH come up with an answer then I could recomend this beauty to everyone. It would even perk "Bubbles" up more than her trip to Barcelona as this is a trip to heaven and back honestly !!

Latest not lastest sorry ...... funny how you can make so many spelling mistakes when your mind is distracted by other things isn't it ??

LMAO... so they totally sent you a vibe with no name... may be we should back a thread neame the vibe :O

i think you should name the bvibe lol

I think its made by Mantric - we got sent one and I tried to work it out by looking at similar ones - theres an M logo on it, right?

Anyway, Mrs T's not interested in trying it - generally not interested in putting anything inside her except bits of me!

Thats sounds about right "trobbing" thanks....well worth trying though "Mrs Throbbing" I can assure you !!!

Hey lesley hun,

To Mrs Throbbing sex toys are great fun even more so when they are free, whatever you do even if your not interested yet save it you may want to try it later on!!

Hiya Laynie....WELCUM BACK !!!!
I always say you can't have TOO MUCH of a good thing.....and am enjoying this freebie....LOTS !!!
Thanks LoveHoney.

LOL you would have just loved it if i did.... nothing so sexy happened to me :'( Meh meh meh......But in my mind sexy things happened.. i have Kam locked up in my torcher chaimber :P ^^ he is blindfolded and ready for my wrath :P