The Male Orgasm. Take 2!

Hello all,

It is no secret that here at Lovehoney HQ we always want to know more. With a core value being: 'You can never know enough about sex' we are forever seeking knowledge! 

Today we seek information on the Male orgasm.

So I have a question for you: What does the male orgasm feel like?

Both form an emotional and physical point of view. 

So come on (pun intended), if you have a penis and or a prostate let's hear it! *within reason of the rules


It's probably difficult to describe but it comes in different intensities dependant on the situation and sometimes just the need to cum.
I cum in three different forms. Either through sex with my OH, anal sex or stimulation or masturbation. Any of those can give all the different intensities dependant on mood or level of arousal. Personally I probably get slightly larger orgasms when I have anal sex with another guy and I play with myself at the same time. However my OH can also give me a damn good orgasm too!

I can’t really explain it so much as a feeling. Its like a build up, something that starts out as a nice sensation but that sensation builds and builds until it peaks and then from my toes right through to the end of my penis the coiled spring is realeased. A tickle that is finally scratched. The build up is worth the huge crash straight after release

The male orgasm is both physically and emotionally draining. It’s a huge build up Which sends pulses through your legs and body, you become more aware of sounds and visual stimulation is almost unbearable at times. Just a simple smile can push you over the edge.

Emotionally sex and orgasms can be strange, for instance Iv had incredible sex with my partner and we have both had an amazing and intense orgasm and cuddled after, then Iv had times in which once the finale has happened I could quite literally walk away and forget it all happened. It’s almost like once you finish you kinda say “ok thanks” and you have no further urges. If Iv had a stressful time and everything getting on top of me then sex can be a real emotional comfort, to the point Iv actually had a few tears of happiness after, especially if it’s been really intimate and close.

I’m very basics, the male orgasm is simply a really intense waves of pleasure going through your body which eventually explode and you feel almost like your floating. It’s really hard (pun intended) to describe but it’s just the dogs danglies

I would describe it as a build up of pressure. As stimulation increases that pressure builds and moves from deep inside and you can feel it move down your penis towards the tip. In me it leads to involuntary movements, almost trying to push the orgasm out.

It becomes a need, a shorter word but far more than a desire, to cum, to let that pressure release and explode from your penis.

When it comes the relief is intense. In me it often causes spontaneous laughter. The spasms of orgasm last around 10 seconds or so and quickly subside.

Personally that tingling and intense pressure moments before you cum are the most delicious, that point where you know you have crossed the point of no return and that the orgasm is upon you.

I would describe it as a build up of pressure. As stimulation increases that pressure builds and moves from deep inside and you can feel it move down your penis towards the tip. In me it leads to involuntary movements, almost trying to push the orgasm out.

It becomes a need, a shorter word but far more than a desire, to cum, to let that pressure release and explode from your penis.

When it comes the relief is intense. In me it often causes spontaneous laughter. The spasms of orgasm last around 10 seconds or so and quickly subside.

Personally that tingling and intense pressure moments before you cum are the most delicious, that point where you know you have crossed the point of no return and that the orgasm is upon you.

For me, the intensity of the orgasm is directly correlated to the situation.

If I am after a quick release (either by myself or with my OH), then the orgasm is equally quick, limited bodily sensation, usually limited to tensioning of testicles and pulsing feeling through my penis as I ejaculate, "satisfying" but unspectacular. The whole event lasts merely a few seconds.

When it is as a result of prolonged stimulation and the buildup has been slower (more foreplay, mental stimulation, sensory stimulation), then my whole body is involved, muscles tense up and my whole pelvic area contracts and releases as I cum, the orgasm is much deeper and more euphoric than simply a quick release as above.

The timing of the physical orgasm itself probably doesn't vary much between the two, but the build up and post orgasm sensation is the big difference, with a quick release I can jump up and carry on with my day quickly, with the other not so much.


We think the male orgasm feels slightly different for every man as no two orgasms are ever exactly the same but there are similarities and overlaps in the physical responses. My partner for example closes his eyes during orgasms, his breathing increases and gets harsher, his toes curl up and his heart race picks up. These are pretty common changes to the male body from my personal experiences with men and usually subside rather quickly after climax.

As for his emotional reactions to orgasms, these have changed over time. One of his parents converted to a religion when he was young and begun to make him feel guilty about masturbating. Every time he orgasmed from masturbation after that he would feel a emotional release of pressure and stress but it was always riddled with guilt and low self-worth. He used to get really down about this and feel bad about himself for a while afterwards.

As we have begun to explore together this has definitely improved although it's something he still experiences from time to time. It's usually only during masturbation though. If I'm touching him he doesn't get those emotions. He just feels that sense of release like everything has been lifted off his shoulders and cleared his mind. He then goes back to feeling normal and carries on with his day afterwards.

Hope that was useful!

G writing here - wow, so lovely to happen, so hard to describe!

Masturbation on own is nice but nothing like as good as cumming with a partner. A partner masturbating me or sucking me is better but penetration and especially vaginal sex is the peak.

As soon as I penetrate I know whether i’m going to cum, eventually. Some times I know I’m not going to, or not going to cum easily, anyway.

Penetrative sex is wonderful, exciting, intimate, animalistic and my cumming is the peak, the main reason for doing it. It’s best when I’m giving pleasure too, although I cum if I know my partner isn’t very turned on. I can’t cum if I know she or he is not liking it at all. I stop then.

Cumming is a buildup. I know when I’m not far away, and that if I continue it’s going to happen. When I’m with partner I speed up - doggy is excellent for this - and can feel the pressure building. Then there’s a release, not at the moment I ejaculate but just before. If I pull out then, I will spurt a second or so later. I usually push my penis in as deep as I can for ejaculation, something that comes naturally and is obviously related to fertilisation.

The release and not the act of ejaculating is the high point of my cumming. All cumming is good but the pleasure is greatly increased if it’s a woman rather than a man and if I’m actually cumming inside her, not inside a condom. This all intensifies my orgasm.

The more sperm I produce the better it is. Sometimes the second cum of a session is better as it takes longer, the excitement builds up more than the urgent first time and I release more cum. After two or three cums in an evening or night, the sort of thing I can do with a new partner or when swinging, then I can have a ‘dry cum’ and not produce any sperm. it’s good but not as satisfying as shooting a big load.

I still don't think I've described my cumming properly. It is addictive and until I was in my 40s I would cum every day, on my own or with a partner. It's still most days now.

R envies the way men cum easily. i always say that mine doesn't seem to be as intense as hers, and I can't be multi-orgasmic like women.

I would agree with most that there is a sense of release. Sometimes I am seriously in need of the release. I agree that the more it is built the better it is and that the best way is simultaneously with my OH.

I have posted in the past regarding a procedure i underwent on my prostate a while ago. I will not go into details today other than to say it in effect opened out the pipework. Since then all of my emissions have been retrograde or backwards into the bladder.

Most if not all men will tell you that cum passing through the head of the penis causes some of the sensation that goes with orgasm. Now I no longer have that I feel I take more notice of the other sensations I am feeling. I can still have a shattering orgasm and now I even take longer to calm down.

It’s like being juiced 🍒

Without sounding too filthy, I love the feeling of cum spurting out of my penis. I have always ejaculated heavily, both during masturbation as well as sexual activity with my OH. I mean, the orgasm feels great, but that feeling of release feels like no other.

I get mine in three stages,let me explain

When first initiating either foreplay or masturbation it starts like a tickling pulse and you can easyily find your more sensitive areas at this stage. Every pulse ( erection build up) sends a feeling through your body like your blood is vibrating through your veins.
For me this is the best time for teasing tickles and gentle rubs.


When first stood to attention intensity will start to build and that’s when the pre cum starts to apply itself which as some females may well know this helps no end.
It’s at this point where I enjoy receiving oral as the build is now driving me crazy. Oral will give a constant lubed experience and can take those isolated feelings and amplify them so that the whole penis feels the same.


As you reach the last sprint Home your body vibration waves are more like sunami and you know it’s going too explode. For me and maybe most this is the point of no return. The build up starts as the sperm makes it way to the launch pad and your body starts to get muscle spasms. You feel so intense in the penis and then BANG THE VOLCANO Erupts and it feels like goose bumps have been given an injection of nitros which lasts me about 10-15seconds be for I crash back to Earth.

After that I don’t know because at this point I am normal asleep lol only joking sometimes I finish her of first

What does the male orgasm feel like? That is a very good question. It is a combination of things that leads to climaxing. There is the gradual build up that you can feel up the length of your shaft and with this I do get a throbbing sensation, this continues until I reach climax which I can only describe as an excited thrill as i can feel it moving it way up until I reach an explosive climax that feels like a massive realise that sends pleasure through the length of my body to feeling sensitive throughout almost like having goosebumps all over.

Emotionally the realise feels a big relief especially when you feel you have the need to cum.

As above really, its one big build up of tension and anticipation of whats coming. The whole body can build to a shake, i find my toes often end up pointing and then the release that comes with the warming / satisfying glow, the moment of ejaculation can lead to my body feeling very rigid whilst occuring.

Emotionally, imagine the feeling of making it to the loo after holding it for two hours, its that satisfaction and releif all in one.

Thank you all! 

Very informative ![yes|20x20](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif "yes")

From my experiance this varies by age and most importantly overall health, other factors come into play here as well like who is in control of the orgasm and if edging was worked into the sex or masturbation session that made me cum.

Early life orgasms were powerful, dizzing and would easily make me want to nap right after.

At this young age I wouldnt be surprized if my cum could hit the ceiling while cumming.

As I got older and I guess my prostate got more and more inlarged from too much sex, the amount of cum and how strong it would shoot out was much less intense yet the sensations were just as incredible as my earlier years.

My heart condition has effected the amount of blood that get pumped to my penis and also effected the need for a nap after sex, since I do not have as much blood flowing to my penis I do not feel as tired when I am done.

I did have a weird experiance with a masturabtion session a few years back, I was sitting down on my couch using a Fleshlight while wathcing some porn and working on edging to try and make myself last longer while having sex with my wife.

I had got so horny and intense getting myself closer and closer yet denying the big O as long as I could when I finally came the sensation was so powerful like an explosion from my prostate that the cum could not get out quick enough ( perhaps because I was sitting or other health issue yet undiscovered I could feel the cum being released from my prostate yet not much came out I felt a very sharp level ten pain coming from my right crotch area like a tube the cum flows through blew up like a ballon and popped.

Once I felt the popping sensation the pain level reduced to about a level 2 but stayed sore for weeks afterwards.

I went to primary care doctor and she claimed if anything burst inside of me I would be very sick and not sitting in her office.

I went to a few other doctors and had complete checks and blood work etc and to this date no one knows what happend.

My guess is I took the edging session way too far and built up way too much pressure which I think did inflate but not rupture one tube that carries the cum to my penis.

I know I will no longer have sex of any type while in the sitting posistion after this event.

It has been a while since I had this issue however the side effect still remains when I cum now it is not as much as before and no where near as pleasurable.

Because of this issue I feel if I go too long without cuming the fluids build up and become acidic feeling and acutally will burn when I urinate or cum.

I have found that prostate massage will help purge my system of this old fluid making me feel normal again. ( as a side note since this issue happened I can no longer drink any type of soda or acidic fluids without feeling pain in my crotch area).

In short as mentioned by another member all men are different and each cum session is simular yet varies in intensity from EHH to OMG I think I am going to pass out from the intense pleasure.

For me the best feeling mindblowing orgasm is accevied through edgeing and use of a prostate massager-vibrator and cock ring. and now VR

In short thank God for lovehoney and the wonderful toys you supply the world.

I would describe my best orgasms as a building stage to the climax.

Before you cum you have the feeling of lightheadedness like on a good roller-coaster and then when you cum it’s like when you go down the slide and you get this rush going towards your head and you lose control for a few seconds until the roller-coaster slows down and you come to your senses again.

Oh and when you are having your prostate played with in some form of another at the same time it just heightens that sensation as above. You really become lightheaded! That’s why I recommend men who are straight, bi or gay to experience prostate stimulation as it makes orgasms a lot stronger and uncontrollable pleasure especially with toys.

It really can be indescribable. I've had orgasms using toys and prostate play that simply feel like nothing I have ever felt in any measure in any situation ever, and it's night impossible to put in to words something you have never felt, and you can assume most others haven't felt either. It's such an intangible concept at times that I don't know if I feasibly could explain how it feels.