this isnt about sex, more a thought on your soulmate...

If you are very spiritual like me, then you may have views on this (and i would love to hear them)

Right so when you meet 'the one', who is without a doubt your soulmate, what happens if your partner dies? (I hope this never happens to anyone) I mean do you find another partner or not? Because I think that your late partner's soul (spirit) will be waiting for you...

And let's say that you are brought back together in your afterlife. (whatever that may be, different people have different views on this...) What would happen then because effectivly if the one who was 'left behind' so to speak would then in turn have to wait on the person they had been with just before death. And eventually it would turn out to be a love triangle.

What do you think?
Find another partner after your soulmate has passed or not?

We have bizzarely had a chat like this and I feel that I have found my true soul mate, as does my other half. We both don't want to think that the other one would be lonely and sad if the worst was to happen, but also both love each other so much that we want our other half to take a chance at happiness again if they wanted to. I believe that all loved ones will wait for you in the afterlife, no matter what. Who's knows for sure though. I want to believe that its true as have not been this happy and settled with anyone before.

Me and my hubby belive after you die you can wait for your loved ones in the astral plains and then when you both meet up you go to the hall of memories and then are re-born and will luive out life together once again, we belive you wait to meet up with your lost loved one and do not give your self to anyone I would not sleep with anyone or love anyone else if my hubby did erm... you know.. and he would not sleep with any one else or love anyone else either.
This is something we have talked about since being young.. my brother and his wife belive the same too..
this is where it gets complicated,my brother married my hubbys sister...
we all used to sit up talking together about if we lost eachother and what was next..if i lost my hubby I would go and live with my bro and if my bro or his wife lost either one they would come to we made sure from the start we wouldnt be completley alone...I'm glad someone started this thread as it is an intersting subject, although a little morbid hehe ^^

I believe that if 2 spirits are meant to be together forever they will be...
The thought first came to me when I couldn't sleep and I think that if my partner was to go before me, I couldn't bring myslef to ever feel for another man.
I want to ask my man what he thinks although I don't know how to approach him on such an odd subject.
Which brings me to the second part of this thread, any suggestions on how to start a conversation with him on this?

When you guys are next having a hug.. not sex a hug.. tell him you love him and that you cant imagine life without him... then say even if he wasnt here you couldnt be with anyone else.. see what he says to that... maybe he feels the same and will on his own.. if he doesnt ask him.. say if anything happened to me would you think about having anyone else?.. maybe he will laugh you off.. you have to understand alot of men dont like to discuss their inner most feelings because they think people think that its a sign of weakness.. so appoach him in a senetive way.

I agree with jessie 78 but would hate the thought of my soulmate to find another after i had gone

I would be sat on my cloud scorning if my hubby found love again.. and I would haunt the bitch that took him too :P he is mine in this life and the next.. I would rather belive he was sad and lonely morning my loss than sat loveing up with some hussy!!... I met a 92 year old woman the other day in town who lost her husband at the age of 50 and she said she has never been tempted to be with anyone else and knows that soon she will be with him... funny thing was I was at the meat counter when she grabbed my hand to admire my rings :S... she just came out with "do you love him?" and I sad "yes ofcourse" then she said "dont ruin it and get devorced" so I guess now im under orders :P...the crazy old woman at the meat counter said so!

I think I would haunt hussy's who came a looking too! That would show em, he's mine now and forever, back off!!! LOL

I assume most of us on this particular thread are in our forties?.. A yes / no will do. Part one of two.

:O im 25... :P

No, I'm 18, but when you are in love, you are in love...

im 19 :D i dont believe in 'soulmates' and i dont think thats cuz of my age..i dont like thinking that theres only one bloke for completely in love right now: i can't, and don't want to, imagine being without my boyfriend but its just depressing thinking that if something did happen i'd never be this happy again because i don't think thats the case at all

I'm 34, I truly believe that my hubby is my soulmate. I knew immediately when I was introduced to my old boy that he was the last person I'd ever be completely and utterly wrapped up in. I was engaged to someone else but broke it off immediately and we had our first date two days later, ended up back at his place for the obligatory coffee, which we drank in bed and I never went back home again. Nigh on 15 years later we are still blissfully together. I know that I could not counternance ever making love with another should anything ever happen to him.

herm i think you need to look at it from an age point of view for example
55+ if your husband has just died and he was your soul mate then im sorry but then you dont find any one eles and you wait til you rejoin him in heaven


30+ - then i think that you have to find someone eles and if your dead soulmate really is the one then i think he would want you to find someone elese and then join him when you pass on

the problem then occurs if you fall in love more that you loved your dead soulmate

another thought has just come to me, there a bit philisophical but hey enjoy puzzling over them

- if a soulmate dies can this not be interpretted as them no being your soul mate

- how can you have a soul with no mate???

- are people who die alone who have never had anyone to love do they have a soul mate? if yes then where ar ethey

- is there really such a thing as a soul or are we all just a bag of bones full of nerves and morrals full of meaningless motions that stop our life from being empty???

share your thoughts with me

im not religious at all and not particularly spiritual so as i said further up im not a big believer in the whole soulmate thing..i think its depressing to think theres only one person out there for you (unless you're bi..anyone who's bi wana let me know how that works cuz surely theyd want a soulmate of each sex! lol) and as lolly said what if you never find yours?? i dont believe we have souls probably linked with my non-spirituality/religion but im definately interested in why people do believe theres only 1 person for them and are happy to think that?!!

the idea of a soulmate seems to perfect to me and love needs to be worked at damn hard for it to work! im only 19 and ive figured that one out already! im a realist and think that a soulmate sounds like an easy way isnt as special if you dont have to work for it. ooh another question.. (sorry for the 2 posts but didnt want to do one massive one) what happens when one person believes the other is the soulmate but the other one disagrees and is just in it for the ride? (not literally although it happens lol) and can you have 'soulmate at first sight' and if so what happens if that person is a celebrity or someone you really don't find attractive seems to me that people's soulmates end up being a lovely person and attractive but this couldn't happen 100% of the time surely?

Here's my take - my personal belief is that we live many lives on many levels, we journey through each life as your "soul" or "spirit" learns lessons. Within the universe there is another soul that matches you so perfectly that you complete and complement eachother. Sometimes that soul meets you on your journey because you happen to be travelling in the same direction at the same time. Sometimes you don't, that doesn't mean you cannot love other in that lifetime, but the whole total self affirming connection that you experience with your "soulmate" will be missing. You don't know it's missing til it's gone.
Perhaps I came accross as totaly wet in my last post but I'm not really. Yes we are totally into eachother but we still fight like cat and dog most days.
We have to talk about stuff all the time to work out compromises but he and our marriage are worth it. When he works away I feel like I'm missing a limb.
I'm not saying I wouldn't or couldn't ever be with anyone else or indeed couldn't be happy with someone new but the emotional connection I have now isn't something I had with any previous lover, so I can't see me ever it having with anyone else.

ok so what do you do if your solemate dies?
not meaning to be $synical but then what?

i,ve always wondered what would happen ,as i do know i couple who,s partners died & they ended up together and been married for 20 years now but were both married to thier partners who passed away & they were thier soulmate,s ,what happens when they passaway ? do they end up with thier first or do they stay soulmates in the spiritual life?