Thong Survey

Do you wear thongs?

If so which kind. I need advice for panties to wear to wear for the office and also for the bedroom.

I prefer french knicker so much more practical for every day life n comfortable as well as sexy

Always g string occassionally thong... don't own anything else apart from crutchless. Hate pants personally nothing less appealing If u want to feel erotic all the time

I actually get my g strings from high competition when in sale and stock up...... but they are much of a muchness just chose smooth lines opposed to those with gems etc if you don't want it to show through clothing.
Choose something more erotic for bedroom leather, pvc or crutchless.

Personally for work I choose comfort as I have to do a lot of walking and there's nothing worse than having a hungry bum.

So I save any kind of nice underwear for special occasions. I never really used to like things until I found this beautiful pair from LH - They are amazing, I can't fault them! And although they are crotchless if you want to see the. Up this could be so easily done! 

I have to wear a uniform and walk heaps so I find a g string so easy as hungry bum doesn't look good picking them out lol x

As there are plenty of threads on this topic already, I'll close this one. 

Please search the forum before starting anymore new threads. 

Thank you